They didn’t swap your currency, they grabbed it 

They say fortune favours the bold, death comes but once and the man died in he that remained silent in the face of injustice. 

I add the following: damned and accursed is he that fears the chains and dungeon in which he is kept or that lives in trepidation and fear of his tormentors and persecutors. 

Regardless of the dangers associated with speaking the truth in our country these days and despite the darkness and fear that has enveloped the land, I shall continue to speak that truth. 

I cannot be intimidated and I cannot be silenced. 

As long as there is life in me I shall speak truth even from the bed of infirmity and despite the strong wind of  torment, persecution and affliction. 

And what is that truth?

Let us be clear: what we are witnessing and what is unfolding in our country today comes from the pit of hell. 

Worse still it is much deeper and more profound in its sheer wickedness and malevolence than most people can possibly think or appreciate. 

You see, there was NEVER a currency swap. It was a currency GRAB and a classic 419. 

You asked everyone, both rich and poor, to give up their hard earned cash and you refused to give them full value in return. 

You took the old notes and refused to give the new. 

After that you banned the use of what was left of the old, declared that it was no longer legal tender, displayed utter contempt for the Supreme Court and effectively overruled them. 

You imposed a cashless society on the Nigerian people overnight and thereby destroyed the lives and businesses of millions in a matter of seconds and took away their strength and power. 

Lest I forget let me add this: you said that we should all put our money in the banks and that we should live by bank transfers alone forgetting that 65% of the Nigerian people do not have a bank account. 

Kindly tell me how you expect them to survive ?

And even those that have bank accounts are finding it difficult to effect transfers and transact business because the whole banking infrastructure is overloaded and has broken down. 

All this in the month of our presidential election. 

Let’s be real: the intention was clear and there was nothing wholesome or altruistic about it. 

Simply put Godwin the Greed and his Agbor Mafia are implementing the agenda of a dark, sinister, cruel and sadistic force and group of executioners who reside in the corridors of power and who seek to rob the Nigerian people of their hard-earned money, impoverish them, propel them into untold hardship, afflict them with penury, cloak them with poverty, cover them with suffering, stoke their anger, provoke their rage and incite them into protesting and rioting in the streets and hating BAT, the APC and ALL our candidates at every level!

The Illuminati and their local agents are at work in our country and they are imposing a hegelanian dialectic. 

Out of the chaos that they seek to unleash will come their new order. 

May God deliver us from these evil men.

Finally let us be clear and REMEMBER this when you cast your vote in the presidential elections in a few days time: Atiku LOVES this hardship and confusion and has said he wants the pain to CONTINUE! 

The same with Peter Obi. 

The only presidential candidate that is clearly opposed to it, that will take away the pain and that will review this ill-advised, ill-timed and patently misguided and destructive policy is our incoming President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was never consulted before its implementation and who bears no responsibility for the suffering, panic, fear, anger and trepidation that our people are confronted with today simply because a small handful of unelected, faceless and powerful men in the corridors of power were able to hoodwink President Muhammadu Buhari.

If you have the guts to do so and you are a servant of truth, kindly share this and let the world know that we cannot all be cowered into silence and that in our great and glorious country Nigeria there are still a handful of men who are prepared to speak truth to power. 

Glory to Nigeria! 

Chief Fani-Kayode writes from.Abuja