There is no market in Abuja – Tekno

Previously signed to Kay Money Entertainment, Tekno who has now found a more veritable platform for his brilliant music talent under Iyanya’s Made Men Music Group, is no strange name in the Nigerian music industry.  The singer, songwriter, and producer, popularly known for his performance of Onyenekwu (Oleku cover) and other great features such as Iyanya’s Ekaette, Rakaka with KaySwitch, White Nigerian’s Dirty wine etc, has been nominated  in the Best New Act  category at the forthcoming Nigerian Entertainment Awards in the U.S.  alongside Patoranking, Charass, Tekno and Runtown; in this interview with Morakinyo Olugbiji speaks about his career so far

Who is Tekno?
Tekno is just a simple man that makes music. I’m a Nigerian from a family of 8 including my parents. I’m signed to Made Men Music Group. That’s pretty much I can say about myself now.

What genre should we categorise your music?
I don’t think I have a genre, I just do good music. If it’s R&B and it sounds good, I’m on it. If it’s Reggae and it sounds good, I’m on it as well. Whatever style it is as long as it sounds good, I’m game.

Your song “Holiday” featuring Davido as been out there for a while making waves. What’s your take on fans acceptance of the song?
At the end of the day, I’ll just say it’s God man. I’m not the first person to feature Davido. I’m not even the first artiste to release a song, but God says it will be a hit. There are many artistes out there who are way talented than us and are not known at all, so I’m just grateful to God for counting me among the lucky ones. I thank Davido for being on the video. Davido is a real G, I respect him.

Let’s talk about your new song and video currently being played everywhere “Dance”...
This is my first single under the management of MMMG. As the name suggest, Dance is just a song to make you get up and dance. The song was produced by Ekelly while the Video was shot by Sesan.

I’m aware you’ve been in Abuja for a while before coming down to Lagos.  Tell us about your stay over there?
That’s true, I’ve been doing my music in Abuja until I joined MMMG. I’m well known in Abuja, like I’m an household name over there with a large fan base.

So why not just practise your craft over there and concentrate on the market there?
There is no market in Abuja. Forget the fact that I’m well known there, Lagos is where the market is and if I didn’t move to Lagos I’d just remain like a local champion. If I’m well known here in Lagos, I’ll be known everywhere.

How did you meet Iyanya and Ubi Franklin to be able to get a spot on MMMG?
I’ve known Iyanya from way back before Project Fame. So my joining MMMG is just like coming home.

With your personality and style, people are insinuating that MMMG signed you in order to relegate Wizkid.   How true is that?
That’s not true. I’m doing my music, Wizkid is doing his. There is enough space for everyone in the industry. I’m no trying to rival Wizkid or any other person. I’m this kind of person that prays everyone continues to succeed, because me alone cannot make an industry, if others stopped doing music, then the industry would be boring, so I’m not his (Wizkid) rival at all.

Since you came to Lagos, with the increasing fame, swag and good looks many pretty girls must be disturbing you now.  How are you coping?
The truth is that I know what I want. Too much women can distract, so I’m taking my time to focus only on my music. It’s too early to allow distractions.

MMMG is paying so much attention on you now, and it won’t be a surprise if anytime from now you become an heavy weight in the music industry. Do you think you are ready for the success coming your way? Are you scared?
I’m not scared at all. I’ve been waiting for this for long and I’m prepared for that break! Trust me I’m ready.

What’s your object of temptation?
Good clothes and fine cars.  I’m crazy about them.