The representative of hope and development

There is the increasing need for development through the enthronement of a leadership that represents the yearnings of the good people of Idah/Ofu/Igala Mela/Ibaji federal constituency. Thus, the constituency developed a new system of leadership recruitment that is capable of producing a representative and a voice that is capable of representing and protecting the interests of all of its people and bringing them together for development. Our new system produced our leader and that leader is Hon David Zakaria.

In his first year as the representative of the people at the House of Representatives, Zakaria has shown that the credibility of his leadership is built not in words but in actions and this can be attested to by all. He has shown the people that he has primed and position himself for this major leadership assignment. At this auspicious time he has made his vision sharp and his goal clear to all.

Zakaria, the quintessential politician of our time, is a man of several definitions to several people. A leader is one whose personality is so influential that it connects even with persons he has never met.

Zakaria, in so short a time, has grown into a leader that beams light of hope to the aspirations of the common people, and impacts on their dreams. Interestingly, the lawmaker’s personality begins to serve as pathway to the achievement of unthinkable goals by anyone directly or remotely connected to his leadership ideology and practice.

He is a practical testimony of what he preaches. His personality is so influential that many people have achieved great feat since they met him in person. His influence is magnetic and highly impactful.

Zakaria in his generosity and inclusive leadership is a man that belongs to everybody as well as anybody who believes in his cause and ideology. This unique leader of our time has a style that enables any of his followers to personalise ownership of him.

He never betrays you, he never forgets you when you have been there for him, and if he believes in you, he will be there for you till the very end even if he is the only one that gives in to your very cause. He belongs to everybody, yet belongs to somebody at every point in time.

Zakaria as a politician is to many people a leader, a friend, associate, a mentor, a father and yet an opponent that respects fair play rules. He believes in win-win and never engages in do-or-die politics. His humanitarian ideology rejects blood taking politicking or life wasting exercise that is commonly practiced by some greedy politicians. He never wanted a single person dead upon victory by his party or candidature.

Zakaria is a man that was not well known in the political terrain of his  local government area before the year 2000, but his philanthropy and business have changed the political landscape of the area in so short a time- that is greatness.

He is not a brand made for greed as his life is an embodiment of public good. Whatever Zakaria owns is for public service, even his private residence belongs to the people where the rich and the poor can visit  for their private intents.

Zakaria never leads from behind. He is often in the front line when a goal is to be achieved. Through him over the years, I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talent, their insights, their enthusiasm and their aspirations to work together.

His discoveries of best hand for the job are based on careful observations and insights and that is the secret of his success. His love for his people surpasses his greatest ambitions. He is not just a politician but a businessman who has established viable economic platforms for people’s aspirations to thrive.

 The greatness of Zakaria transcends politics and that is important to note. He is an influencer, he is a leadership institution, he is a school of thought, he is a multiplier of values cum administrative talent hunter. He is an authority in Idah politics and a respected political figure in Kogi state and that is why there is a loud voice out their calling on him to serve.

Zakaria  belongs to me, he belongs to you, and he belongs to everyone. His ideology, beliefs and association can be publicly identified. He is an open book as far as leadership is concerned. Yet, he is an independent chapter of a voluminous epistle of life. His finest quality lies in his ability to quickly forgive, a large heart but clothed in children’s spirit.

He is a politician that is ready to vent his spleen on reactionary elements who want or insist on business as usual. He sees his foray into politics as an opportunity to turn around the narrative and misfortune of our political quagmire. This is exemplified by the development of our local government system.

Since his appearance in the political scene, Zakaria has left no one in doubt about his destined primacy of place in the murky waters of Kogi and igala politics. Urbane, sharp, God fearing and philanthropic, Zakaria is the quintessential game player-gamely and gainly. He spares no effort in the achievements of goals. He is also  not parsimonious in  respect of the application of material and mental resources to achieve objectives. He is said to be overly generous or magnanimous. He has the uncanny gift of making friends even with those who have publicly differed with him on issues that are fundamental.

Wada writes from Abuja, 08119563564