The rampaging kidnappers

Insecurity is the most earth-shattering problem of Nigeria. A few moments ago, I read in a newspaper the heart-scattering news of the killing of one nursing mother, Christiana Igba, and her mother, Maria Agbo. They were reported to have recently celebrated the birth of the first child of the former after 10 years of barrenness.

They were kidnapped by some hoodlums, who demanded N90 million ransom. The family of the abducted was thrown into intense misery, supposedly, as a result of hearing the amount demanded as ransom coupled with the thought of their ill-being. 

Nevertheless, alas, the kidnappers eventually killed their victims even after arriving at N10 million ransom. 

In the same vein, I read another news stating the same case, where two out of 10 victims kidnapped from an estate Abuja, got killed by bushwhackers, yet demanding a ransom of about N700 million. 

Without a doubt, there’s a problem; a big problem; I mean, such that needs excessive attention of the government.

Muhammad Abubakar,

Jos, Plateau state

[email protected]

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