The making of Rixari Skin Secrets brand by Rita Ebigbagha

Despite the relative boom experienced in the skincare industry in Nigeria in the last ten years, some startups are still finding it rather tough to get on their feet. More often than not, the problem is not of their own creation but normal dynamics that ensue with starting a new business and getting people to trust it. For one of Nigeria’s fast-growing skincare brands, Rixari Skin Secrets, the situation was pretty much the same but according to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Rita Chika Ebigbagha it was a storm that was well weathered.

According to her, starting up was a hell of a job that required special attention, patience and competence because no one would want to trust a new skincare brand with their skin. To them., it was a gamble too big to take.

“There were several challenges associated with the company at its inception stage. Naturally, coming up with a new cream idea comes with the issue of trust. Trusting a new skincare brand with one’s skin is a tall order. Nobody wants to be used as a guinea pig therefore it was a big challenge. Another issue is that of sustainability of standards. The continuous availability of raw materials and authenticity of sources is also a key factor in keeping the business floating with the same high standard and integrity,” she states.

Continuing, she adds, “Another vital challenge was theperception of the society. The society has a false perception of Skincare company and sees it as a company that ‘bleaches’ the natural melanin just to look different, therefore are skeptical about skincare products.

“The early stages of the company also came with the challenge of recognition. In 2015, there was a proliferation of organic skincare products in the country and becoming recognized must come with the price of outstanding testimonies. Rixari Skin Secrets paid its dues as there were thousands of testimonies both home and abroad owed to our products and services.

“Indulging in small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria generally face the challenges of funding, restriction of importation of machines/materials and the means of bringing them into the country in addition to the inherent societal skincare challenges of being recognized, relevant training to meet with present skin challenges. One major challenge after my training abroad was how to synchronize and adapt it to the African skin. This came with additional research and experimenting. Again, the sourcing of local materials with its associated challenges of preservation were the major challenges.”

But Rixari Skin Secrets changed the story because the services they offer are backed by a professional who is the Founder of the company. The company is in the business of formulation of healthy skincare products with locally sourced natural/organic materials for all types of skin color and textures. The company is also involved in the treatment of all kinds of skin challenges ranging from acne, syringoma, stretchmark, dark knuckles, green veins, dark eye circles, sunburns, uneven skin color, warts, moles, wrinkles, etc.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Rita Chika Ebigbagha has had several training in skincare, both locally and internationally of which she has certificates in Cosmetics Formulation, Mesotherapy, Laser Operations and general aesthetics.

Rita Chika Ebigbagha’s Rixari Skin Secrets is internationally certified in Laser operations and application, mesotherapy: face, hands, feet and body. She is a certified formulator and esthetician with modern and certified equipment. Rixari Skin Secrets uses standard and certified procedures for all its operations.

The company has done numerous treatments with testimonies all over the internet both within and outside Nigeria. The company unarguably has the best skincare products for the treatment of sunburn, dark eye circles, acne, warts, moles, stretch marks, dark knuckles, dark spots, etc. The company has over 96 different products well formulated and very effective.

“Since I started this business, there were several challenges as well as achievements. Though I see each rejuvenated skin, every single acne cleared, each spot or mole removed, each smile on my clients faces as a major achievement, I would not also down play some achievements like being internationally recognized and the several international certifications acquired. Also, the expansion of the company in terms of manpower, equipment, humanitarian services, research and development on skin types and natural remedies, etc are part of our success story,” says the CEO.

Rita Chika Ebigbagha, was born in Abuja and she attended primary and secondary schools in Kubwa, Federal Capital Territory. She is from Obowo, Imo State and married to Engr, Preye Pius Ebigbagha with four lovely children.

She graduated from Federal University of Owerri with a Second Class Honors (Upper Division) from the department of Agricultural Economics.

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