The making of celebrity photographer, Wale Visuals

The man named Adewale Enikuemehin James but popular as Wale Visuals has carved a niche for himself in the world of luxury photography cum videography, attending to high networth individuals who are mainly celebrities in their own rights. Through his lenses, Wale has shot the high and mighty, the beautiful and the sophisticated and of course the crème de la crème of the entertainment space, amplifying their grandiose lifestyles through his lenses.

His Studio, Wale Visuals Studios is located in Lekki where the big fish reside. And Wale has warmed his way into the labyrinth of their hearts by doing differently what others do commonly. But he is not your run-of-the-mill photographer, he is a  Bachelor’s of Science holder in Economics/ Mathematics from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education.

Although it thus appears he was born with the camera clutched in his arms, Wale never planned on being a photographer. Like most young men of his time in Nigeria, he picked up photography as a part-time vocation to keep his head above water.

But as a gifted person who loves to create something out of nothing, Wale soon knew he could reach deep down into his depth of creative essence and turned moments into blissful memories while adding beautiful ambience with the help of technology. According to him, it all started as a means of survival that blossomed into passion.

“Photography started just as a means of survival and along the line I loved how photography helped me to freeze moments and bring them back to life, most importantly the happiness and joy it gives to the people I shoot,” he said.

Wale said he started professionally in 2015 when he got his first camera but photography wasn’t a full time job. He admitted the journey has been full of ups and down but passion that stems from it has given him the fortitude to soldier on.

“I am enjoying every bit of it, and I am fulfilled being a photographer, most importantly, I am able to express myself with photography,” he added smugly.

From part-time, Wale Enikuemehin became a full-time photographer. Having learned the rudiments of photography and the inner joy it brought him, he decided to go full scale and the result was Wale Visuals. In the photography terrain anyone hardly recalls his real name. Wale Enikuemehin has disappeared, what remains and reigning larger than life is Wale Visuals.

He is particularly popular among female Nigerian celebrities for their birthday photo shoots, weddings and other great occasions needed to be framed in memories as a sort of monument.

Wale Visuals has made a name for himself as a creative visual artist. He is based in Lagos, Nigeria and specializes in lifestyle portraits, fashion , wedding photography and also videography.

He is an Ilaje man from Ondo State. He was born on the 10th of Oct 1993. He is the CEO of WALE VISUALS Studio situated in Lekki Lagos.

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