Terseer Ugbor, call Fredrick Dagu, your media aide to order  

The job of a media aide is a sensitive one and it is very embarrassing to have someone with little knowledge of it or having no knowledge at all to be your media aide. Poor interaction of a media aide with the public on issues about his or her principal, poor management of information and many more can affect the boss badly.

After my publication in ThisDay newspaper with a title: “For Terseer Ugbor” his personal assistant on media and publicity, Mr. Fredrick Dagu, reached out to lambast me.

In the publication, I applauded Honourable Ugbor for so far attending all the events organised to celebrate him after his election and inauguration as a member of House of Representatives, representing Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency.

I also advised the people of his constituency, which I am part of, to limit the number of events mainly for celebrating Honourable Ugbor and other elected leaders to enable them concentrate on their jobs so that they won’t be distracted.

Reacting to my piece, his media aide said he is not happy with the publication in question and argued that his boss attended only one event so far but I made it looked like he attended more than one event to celebrate his victory but that was a lie. 

I tried to make him understand that the theme of the piece centered on advising people not to distract leaders with events so that they can concentrate on their jobs but this guy didn’t understand me.

It is funny he forgot to recall that a reception was held at Royal Choice Hotel Abuja in honour of his boss and other elected leaders on the inauguration day. His boss was there.

Another event tagged Thanksgiving and Reception Ceremony was held on June 25, 2023 at NKST Church Adagi, in Kwande local government area of Benue state in honour of his boss (Hon. Terseer Ugbor) and the boss attended it.

However, attending these events is not a bad thing and I didn’t condemn honourable for doing so. I only advised that his people limit the number of events for his celebration and for the celebration of the other elected leaders to enable them concentrate on their jobs.

What is wrong with my piece? I asked the so called PA this question repeatedly while engaging me and see his reply below:

“My brother let’s be fair to ourselves, the impression you gave about my principal is wrong, so I shouldn’t open up to you! Haba!”

He added that, “No matter how calm and cordial I am when it has to do with him I don’t take chances, especially when it’s wrong”.

Is this guy truly a media aide or a gardener? Honourable Terseer Ugbor, please confirm his claim.

Awunah Pius Awunah,

Mpape, Abuja


[email protected]