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Terrorism: Trump’s approval and end of the black days


Th e conjured and demonic opinion of skeptics on the unabated degeneration of Nigeria under a Buhari Presidency is the least of my nightmares. I am the more comfortable with myself because only falsehood struggles to be concealed, but truth breaks the most secured of jails to quench he thirst of man with its eff ervescent aura.

But every day and across the globe, relations with Nigeria, comments about Nigeria and the engagement of her people by other nationals render these theorists of doom prostrate. Nigeria is unstoppably regenerating under President Muhammedu Buhari. Its war on terrorism is a resounding success and the administration’s no nonsense posture on fi ghting the monster of corruption in all spheres of public life attracts world-wide acclaim. And it is evident in a hitherto obstinate America under President Donald Trump also identifying with Nigeria on its drive to reinvent itself on all fronts.

Th is has expressed in the approval the United State Government has granted Nigeria to sale 12 hightech, Super Tucano A-29 attack aircrafts worth N219 billion ($600 million) to Nigeria’s Air Force to assist in battling Boko Haram insurgency. We do know that America had resisted such off er to Nigeria in the past, under the Obama Presidency, a development exacerbated by the mistaken bombing of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Rann, Borno State. And that America has recounted its position is a consideration of several factors, including transparency, accountability and respect for human rights of people.

But we are today consoled because we have not stopped improving ourselves and making amends where possible. Th e Holy Scriptures says, in Exodus 14:13 that “Th ese Egyptians that you see today, you shall see them no more.” Whilst the torment of Boko Haram lasted, lives were lost and properties destroyed and varying layers of social dislocation, some nations in the world in the position to assist Nigeria looked at terrorism as an isolated Nigerian problem. Nothing griefs the heart more like when a neighbor sits in celebration of your misfortune.

Th at was the fate of Nigeria and international organisations also conscripted into the conspiracy against Nigeria. One cannot help but frown at the destructive roles played by Amnesty International (AI) and its array of local franchise and extremists sects like the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and some briefcase NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs), which only existed on letterhead papers.

Th ey spared generous time to mock the plight of Nigerians in the time of sorrow and some went to the extent of initiating actions that infl amed the situation. Th ese entities deployed fully to add to the deep pains and affl ictions Boko Haram brought upon our land. Th ey were everything an enemy would be to his neighbor; but today the narrative has changed for good. We cannot hold our joy that the Service Chiefs came and turned the tables against Boko Haram insurgents, which these soulless detractors and extremists used as canon folder in the destabilization plots against Nigeria. Th eir motley of minions satanically added some paraffi n to the confl agration. But our courageous military have proved them wrong, by decimating and defeating Boko Haram.

Nigerian troops have shattered the dreams of those who wanted to see more of a sinking Nigeria and embarked on nocturnal voyages to frustrate its bounce back to full economic life or harnessing its full potentials, with her blessed children. Today, we see a Nigeria where love and patriotism are returning back, after some statesmen came out to disown IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and his agents. We are on the path of a new Nigeria where everyone will be proud of his country.

And a new nation where ethnicity would no longer be a factor against merit and talents would saunter on the center stage. We are proud to say, it is not in doubt that Nigeria defeated Boko Haram before the end of the Obama administration in America.

Th at our military took over every lost territory before the end of 2016 is not also in doubt. To also say the current Service Chiefs and the last soldier in Nigeria are true patriots is also not in doubt. Th ese rare breed of Nigerians came at a time we had lost our integrity, pride and honour to a ragtag Army of street urchins. But they restored this dignity. It may not be good to continue to keep refl ecting in this direction, but to appreciate the Nigerian military. It is in this light that we celebrate the recent approval by President Trump to sale military warplanes to Nigeria. It is an undeniable confi rmation of the victory which our military secured for us over the terrorists.

It is also a certifi cation that Nigerian military played according to the rules of engagement in the counter-insurgency war. And the international organizations which operate in league with detractors and destabilization agents of Nigeria by fabricating stories about imaginary human rights abuses by the Nigerian military in the counter-terrorism campaigns have had the veil removed from their eyes in shame by America’s reversal of its position. I again reiterate, much as millions of patriotic Nigerians that it is an open endorsement of the professionalism and transparency in our military operations as being marshaled by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Olonishakin ; the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai and the rest.

Th e appreciation for saving our collective destiny stretches down to the lowest on the rung of military personnel, obviously down to even a Private A A Goodluck. Th ey have all done well and deserve all the golden applauses from us as a people. And to the extent that the gift of the Tucano attack aircrafts is coming after the rain, does not imply that the Nigerian military has not appreciated the approval, in spite of its belatedness. It is in reality a testament to the fact that our military is one of the best in Africa and have a leading role to play on the continent as the fi rst to defeat Boko Haram.

More exciting, President Trump has re-invoked the essence of the Biblical verse that the “Egyptians we saw yesterday, we shall see them no more.” So, those who are already afraid of the military procuring such hardware must now know it has become a reality. And they are powerless to bring back the era of horror and sorrow anywhere close to Nigerian soil anymore. Th ey should lick their wounds quietly. I mean the likes of Amnesty International and all the dissident elements who once held us to the jugular should know that the world is now aware of their antics to destabilize Nigeria and nobody will ever take them serious again. Kolawole PhD, a university teacher writes from Keffi , Nasarawa state

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