Taraba: Kuteb leaders cry out over 20 years of chieftaincy tussle 


Kuteb leaders in Takum local government area of Taraba state have lamented over  government’s inability to install their first class ruler Ukwe Takum in the last 20 years.

National president of Kuteb Yatso,  Mr Emmanuel Ukwen, who briefed journalists on behalf of the Likam and Akente ruling houses of Ukwe Takum in Jalingo, Sunday, said the Kuteb people see the UKWE TAKUM STOOL as their inheritance and have no reason whatsoever to give or share it with any other no-Kuteb under whatsoever guise.

Ukwen, who expressed worry over the sudden stand of the governor, Dr Agbu Kefas, on the already existing traditional stool of Ukwe Takum, highlighted that the paramount ruler of Takum was an existing stool based on Kuteb native laws and customs.

“We have vowed that if Governor Kefas turns around to destroy Kuteb dynasty to allow other tribes ascend the throne, the situation would amount to the governor asking for the head of entire Kuteb race.

“We wish to bring to the attention of the public that the journey of the  paramount rulership of Takum known and called “UKWE TAKUM” started as far back as 1510. 

“Later, when the colonial masters after due findings and consultations, came to the irresistible conclusion in 1914 to upgrade Ukwe Ahmadu Gankwe (who was already Ukwe in the Kuteb succession lineage since 1912 as the paramount ruler (Ukwe) of Takum, he reigned for fourteen (14) years and was succeeded by several others.

 “We also had a meeting with the governor, Dr Agbu Kefas in Jalingo and Wukari, where His Excellency assured us that he, being from a royal lineage, has no intention whatsoever to tamper with any already existing traditional set up,” he said.

He stressed that the method of selection and appointment of Ukwe Takum being contemplated by the governor is unknown to Kuteb and was never applied in the cases of Aku Uka, Gara Donga, Lamdo Gashaka, Chief of Mambila and Kpanti Zing in the state.