Take immediate steps to restore trust, confidence of workers, DWI tells NLC

The Democracy Watch Initiative (DWI) has called on the Nigeria Labour Congress to take immediate steps to restore the trust and confidence of Nigerian workers in the organization.

The DWI says it is ready to work with the NLC in addressing the root causes of economic hardship and advocate for the rights of all workers, regardless of region or ethnicity.

The National Coordinator, Democracy Watch Initiative, Muhammed Sanusi said the coalitions in stand in solidarity with Nigerian workers and support their right to fair and just labor practices.

“It is with a heavy heart that we must address the issue of corruption within the NLC leadership, specifically the President Joe Ajaero who has shown signs of partisanship towards certain regional political interests and a particular presidential candidate.

“It is evident that the current leadership of the NLC under Ajero is not only incompetent but also lacking in integrity and impartiality. The Democracy Watch Initiative cannot sit idly by while the very organization supposedly established to protect the rights of workers is failing in its mandate due to corrupt and biased leadership.

“The President of the NLC has been accused of engaging in corrupt practices which have undermined the credibility of the organization and compromised its ability to advocate for workers’ rights. The partisan bias displayed by the President further exacerbates the division within the organization and hinders its ability to effectively represent all Nigerian workers.

“The recent revelation of corruption allegations against the President of the NLC has raised serious questions about his ability to lead the organization in a fair and transparent manner. It is deeply troubling to see someone entrusted with representing the interests of Nigerian workers using his position for personal gain, rather than advocating for the rights and welfare of the labor force.

“Furthermore, the partisanship displayed by the current leader of the NLC is unacceptable and goes against the principles of unity and solidarity that should guide the labor movement.

“The divisiveness shown by these biases undermines the strength and effectiveness of the NLC, hindering its ability to effectively advocate for the rights of all Nigerian workers, regardless of their background or geographic location.

“The recent protests called by the NLC against economic hardship have been met with little success, leading many to question the effectiveness and sincerity of the organization in representing the interests of Nigerian workers.

“The lack of significant impact from these protests can be attributed to the compromised leadership of the NLC, which has failed to address the root causes of the economic challenges faced by the working class.

“The lack of leadership, integrity, and transparency within the NLC has undermined the effectiveness of these protests and prevented them from achieving their intended goals.

“In light of these troubling revelations and concerns, the Democracy Watch Initiative is calling on the leadership of the NLC to compel Ajero to step down immediately and allow for a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations of corruption and bias.

“We believe that only through the removal of individuals who have lost the trust and confidence of their constituents can the NLC begin to rebuild its credibility and effectively represent the interests of Nigerian workers,” he said.