Breaking: Coronavirus cases near 300 in Nigeria

April 8, 2020 Helen Oji 0

Twenty-two new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Nigeria. Fifteen of them are in Lagos, four in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), two in Bauchi, one in Edo. As at 09:00pm, April 8, there are 276 confirmed cases of COVID’19 reported in Nigeria. Fourty-four have been discharged with six deaths.

The making of Rixari Skin Secrets brand by Rita Ebigbagha

June 7, 2018 Admin III 0

Despite the relative boom experienced in the skincare industry in Nigeria in the last ten years, some startups are still finding it rather tough to get on their feet. More often than not, the problem is not of their own creation but normal dynamics that ensue with starting a new business and getting people to trust it. For one of Read More