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Former Vice President and Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, has said his persistent quest to rule Nigeria has been driven by passion to provide visionary leadership that will inspire infrastructural development and industrialisation.
This lingering passion, the former vice president argued, has been fired by the absence of visionary leadership epitomised by infrastructural deficiency, unemployment, festering insecurity occasioned by mass killings of defenceless Nigerians by daring marauders.
He also challenged those accusing him of corruption to provide verifiable evidences against him or be prepared to face libel.
Speaking through the Atiku Campaign Organisation Director of Media and Publicity, Shunwumi Segun yesterday during a courtesy visit to the management of Blueprint Newspapers in Abuja, Atiku rebuffed allegation of being a serial presidential aspirant which it is claimed engendered his frequent movements from party to party just to realise his ambition, noting instead that no true nationalist will sleep with ease and comfort when the country lacks responsible leadership.
Atiku, who was a foundation member of the PDP, left to form Action Congress which metamorphosed to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and was its presidential candidate before rejoining the PDP, then left in 2014 as part of the nPDP to team up with four other parties to form the APC.
“Atiku is passionate about Nigeria, he understands the dynamics of governance, understands what policy and the language that will allow the private sector to create jobs and if given the opportunity, he will be able to do that.”
Atiku recalled that he has been part of the coalition that came together to rebuild Nigeria’s democracy from the ashes of military dictatorship but regretted that soon, following the glorious era of democracy in the country, subsequent leaders failed to up the ante thereby imposing infrastructural stagnation and depressing economy.
“The period between 1999 and 2007 was the golden era that created robust private sector driven economy, brought about GSM, privatised government assets which hitherto were not performing but subsequently when they were privatised, opened up the economy and created jobs,” he said, regretting however that subsequent administrations paraded circumstantial leaders, who were unprepared for leadership and therefore could not manage and sustain the tempo.
To rekindle the lost era and return Nigeria to the progressive track, he said Atiku is in the mix to rebrand Nigeria and ensure that the country joins the comity of industrialised nations, unite the people and create jobs for its teeming youths.
“Atiku understands that in the fourth industrial revolution that is technology driven revolution, that revolution is not sympathetic to nations that do not reform themselves fast,” he said.
He said Atiku would, therefore, be running on restructuring and community policing agenda as part of the well-thought out four-cardinal programmes meant to rejig the country and ensure stability.

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