Students loans: NELFUND set to publish institutions with complete data

The Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) is set to announce the full list of institutions that have submitted their complete student data as requested by the agency.

This is for the purpose of uploading it into NELFUND Student Verification System (SVS) portal that would be published on June 24, 2024.

The agency said the list of both federal and state-owned institutions would be published to ensure transparency and encourage due access/participation in the scheme.

Part of the statement reads, “It is commendable that many federal institutions have already completed the exercise having been the first while the process of uploading the data to NELFUND SVS is currently ongoing for the state owned institutions.

“In order for applicants to be able to access the fund, the individual’s details must feature in institution’s submitted data sent to NELFUND SVS where automatic applicant verification can then occur seamlessly. Failure to have this verification would invalidate the application process and disadvantage applicants.”

NELFUND therefore advised that critical information provided by the tertiary institutions is not only complete, but also accurate. This it said include the correlation or matching of JAMB numbers, matriculation numbers and admission numbers as well as applicants full names and dates of birth which would support the evaluation process.

It said applicants should enter their data into the portal accurately when applying, and to ensure that their email addresses are entered without error, among others.

NELFUND therefore expressed its delight at the cooperation it has received from tertiary institutions at both state and federal levels across the nation.