SPPG rolls out admission for ‘Class of 2025’

The School of Politics Policy and Governance has announced that a new admission window is now open for those who desire to apply for a special 10-month programme on governance and other leadership module.

This was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer of SPPG, Alero Ayida-Otobo, in a press briefing on the sideline of the Big Ideas Platform 2024, an event organised by SPPG incolloboration with the Yar’adua Foundation.

The SPPG CEO further said, “To further our mission to attract exceptional talents and students, we have opened the Admission Window for those who wish to apply to the #Classof2025. Admission to the SPPG is highly competitive through a rigorous virtual selection process.

“The School of Politics Policy and Governance, an innovative social enterprise initiative better known as TheSPPG.Org, is an unconventional school designed to attract, train and support a new genre of ethical and effective leaders for our country and continent who will disrupt the endemic problem of poor governance and effectively govern the 21st Century Nigeria and Africa more broadly.”

Talking about the reason for the existence of the non-conventional school and as well as its achievements, Mrs Ayida-Otobo said, “The empirical rationale for the establishment of the SPPG is to build a new model and pipeline of public leadership that can reverse Africa’s acute governance failure. SPPG produces leaders who not only possess the right values but also have the knowledge and skills required to solve complex public problems.

“A major milestone is that 55 members of our alumni were aspirants for elective offices in various parties of which 9 won their party tickets and ran as candidates in the recent 2023 elections. Also, 5 members of the SPPG pioneer Class were invited to serve on the Transition Committee of Anambra State, while a member of our alumni was elected as the Assistant Woman Leader in her Local Government Area in Delta State.”

On the target set by SPPG, the CEO said, “Our target is to train a minimum of 5000 such transcendental leaders over 5 years in Nigeria and other African countries on our empirically designed curriculum of 140 multidisciplinary topics delivered in 10 months by 94 renowned academics, practitioners, and experts from around the world.

“Our course topics range from the principles and practice of democracy, Nigeria’s political history, politics, ethics, values-based leadership, gender, youth, diversity and inclusion, political economy, inclusive development, economics, economic policy, trade and industrial policy, investment climate, public financial management, human development, infrastructure, technology, science and innovation, governance and management of natural resources, environment and climate change, security, regional economic cooperations, citizens participation, institutions building, executing for results and such like.      

“The SPPG is a 10-month program, and classes are held Tuesdays – Fridays 6 pm – 9 pm (WAT). It runs an existing and well-established digital collaborative learning platform that is scalable and allows the institution to educate students wherever they are, within or across borders.”

On application timeline vis-a-vis accrued academic benefits, the SPPG CEO said, “The School of Politics Policy and Governance is offering scholarships covering 40-100% of tuition fees for successful applicants. However, we encourage prospective applicants to submit their application on time, as early applicants will be given priority consideration for these scholarships.”

She also announced, “We are also delighted to announce a new Campaign we term  #TheSPPGAdvantage

“The rationale of the campaign is founded on the understanding that the challenges of Nigeria’s Political and governance space demand more than just passion and desire for change. With the SPPG Advantage, we’re offering a comprehensive approach to empowering leaders to drive positive change in Nigeria.

“The SPPG Advantage is built upon three pillars:

An Unconventional Curriculum: Taught by world-class faculty, the SPPG curriculum is tailored to the unique demands of Nigerian governance and the political landscape. Graduates have access to a robust catalogue of refresher courses, ensuring they remain equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate public service effectively.

“A Rich Community & Network: With over 400 alums and 90 faculty members, the SPPG community offers a diverse and expansive network of support, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities. This vibrant ecosystem provides the connections graduates need to thrive in their endeavours.

“Support Initiatives: SPPG is launching a range of career support initiatives, including the TakeOffice Initiative, the Public & Policy Talent Hub Initiative, and the Social Change Incubator. These initiatives are designed to amplify graduates’ impact and success in public service.

“We believe in the power of collective action and collaboration. That’s why we’re inviting aspiring leaders, advocates, and innovators to leverage the SPPG Advantage by joining the #SPPGclassof2025.”