Speakership: We are waxing stronger, ready to upstage Abbas – G7

Some eminent members-elect known as the G-7 have laughed off suggestions that the group has lost momentum in the race for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaking to selected journalists in Abuja at the close of the induction ceremony, the group’s spokesperson, Hon Philip Agbese, said the G-7 is waxing stronger and focused on producing the Speaker that Nigeria deserves.

Agbese said claims by a purported group that the G-7 is fizzling out into oblivion have further confirmed that the camp of Abbas Tajudeen is jittery of their strength.

The spokesman said a good commodity sells itself, adding that “Abbas and his co-travellers are aware of this hence the desperation to resort to falsehood just to package the Kaduna lawmaker.”

According to Hon Agbese, Abbas doesn’t have what it takes to be Speaker at the moment, adding that he lacks the capacity, popularity, and will to unite the House.

The Benue lawmaker-elect said the G-7 is in the advanced stage of its consultations towards producing the next Speaker “and there’s nothing Abbas can do about it.”

He, therefore, challenged Abbas and his camp to a popularity contest at the Defence House before the President-Elect, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

“We read with a big grin reports that the G-7 is fizzling out as not only was this seen as a classic joke, it showed that the entertainers are not aware of the reality on the ground. While they continue in a fairytale, we have taken concrete steps to produce the next Speaker, one who will serve the interests of his/ her colleagues and nation.

“In their latest outing, they admitted that the members of the G-7 are qualified to be Speaker yet Abbas is being packaged as the best, a man with questionable character and not widely accepted among his colleagues.

“As we all know, the election of principal officers is the exclusive right of the parliamentarians. If indeed Abbas is well-loved and accepted, he should test his popularity against the G-7 and stop the propaganda.

“It is well known that Abbas and his cohorts are jittery over the strength of the G-7. We parade the best. Rt. Hon Idris Wase has been adjudged as the most honest parliamentarian. He is from the North Central, a marginalized region.

“Hon Muktar Betara remains a unifying force in the House which no one in the country has doubted. Yusuf Gagdi is one of the most articulate and outspoken youths of this generation. Hon Sani Jaji is a known security expert within the intelligence community. Hon Sada Soli is cut out for the job as well as Miriam Onuoha who has demonstrated in the last few years to be an extraordinary Nigerian.

“These are all eminent Nigerians who have come under one umbrella for the common good of Nigerians. They have decided that the nation can’t be deprived of quality leadership over the selfish interests of a few.

“We love, respect, and believe in the President-elect. Unlike what is being portrayed, the All Progressives Congress is not in any crisis. However, we believe our incoming president and party leaders will take the best possible decision for the nation after listening to all parties involved.

“It is on this note that we wish to challenge Abbas and his followers to a debate at the Defense House in the presence of Tinubu and other APC leaders. We will put forward our blueprint for Nigerians to compare with Abbas’, that is if he has any,” he said.

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