SON unveils 80 approved standard for CNG road vehicles, PCNGI

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the national apex standards body has officially released 80 approved standards for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for road vehicles and related appliances to the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative(PCNGI).

The Director, Public Relations SON,Foluso Bolaji (Mrs.) said SON ’s commitment to excellence and innovation in line with international best practices has culminated in developing and approving these standards, representing a significant milestone in our efforts to promote safety and quality in the energy sector.

She said the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean and efficient alternative to traditional fuels, with applications ranging from transportation to industrial processes. 

She said it is safe and effective utilization requires adherence to rigorous standards that address production, storage, transportation, and utilization.

She explained that the Presidential CNG Initiative (PCNGI) is a component of the palliative intervention of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration and one of the many steps the president has taken to ensure every Nigerian enjoys his Renewed Hope Agenda. 

She further explained that the PCNGI was inaugurated and quickly set up a committee comprising relevant regulatory agencies such as, the National Mid-Stream Down-stream Petroleum Regulatory Authority 

She said the Eighty (80) standards encompass a wide range of technical specifications and requirements, including:

CNG Conversion kit, Standards for electrical connections and vehicle Diagnostics, Standards for Road-worthiness and Vehicle safety, Standards for CNG storage Vessels, Standards for CNG refueling Stations, and Guideline for installation of specific components to support the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) for Vehicle propulsion.