Sokoto: Where civil servants come first

The welfare of workers has a multiplier effects on the people. This is because an average worker is the bread winner of their families. Apart from feeding and paying school fees for the children, they have other obligations to attend to using their monthly salaries. Because of this, it is a dangerous policy to toy with civil servants’ salaries and other emoluments. This, Governor Ahmed Aliyu of Sokoto state, the shrewd public officeholder, is aware of its implication.

Leaders have visions and plans for their people but only good leaders think of people centred policies and pro-people agenda for the wellbeing of the people. 

Gov Aliyu holds a good vision for the good people of Sokoto state. He has  rekindled the yearnings of the Sokoto people, especially the civil servants, for good things of life. His ambition is to facilitate better life for them which he is graciously doing.

This policy has drawn praises to him. Apart from the former governor of Sokoto state Aliyu Wammako, who showered praises on the governor due to his sterling stewardship, civil society organisations have hailed him for prompt payment of monthly salaries of workers and pensions of retirees.

Despite lean resources, he strives to ensure public employees in the state are paid as at when due, hence he stands out prominently  among governors doing what labour loves to do to Nigerian workers.

The greatest assets of states are their employees. Governors can only demand for discipline and improved productivity from their employees if their workforce are well motivated, but unmotivated workforce is a disaster to their employees.

The skyrocketing oil price could not justify delay or non-payment of workers’ salaries. Payments of salaries and pensions are legitimate entitlements and mark of corporate responsibility of any employer. We urged governors to reorder their resources in such a way that civil servants are  seen as critical factor of development before anything else, following Aliyu’s template.

Non-payment of salaries to civil servants is a dangerous trend, it  systematically destroys  lives of workers on account of lack of means of livelihood for their families.

We have heard of a number of workers who have died due to non-payment of salaries that were never adequate even when promptly paid.

For long, even before he was elected as the governor of the seat of the caliphate, Aliyu is a compassionate leader and an achiever, a transparent and judicious administrator with many accolades. Aliyu himself is a dedicated and committed public servant. Governing  a state and paying salaries promptly for him  is fulfilling his responsibility as the chief servant of the state. 

Despite inheriting a liability of a couple of trillion naira from the previous government, he has no time for blame game. He realised that the people had made their choice in the state leadership, and what remains is action on his part.

The Aliyu’ administration is labour friendly because all workers in the states, private and public sectors, local and state employees are equally dignified with prompt salary payment. When this happens, insecurity will naturally die. And that is what Nigerians of today want.

Afada Yunusa,

Sokoto, Sokoto state