Sokapu never respects peace pacts, Miyyeti Allah laments


Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (Sokapu) has never respected any peace pact aimed at bringing lasting peace to Southern Kaduna, Miyyati Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Kaduna state chapter has said.  

Miyyeti Allah also decried Sokapu’s attitude of giving false casualty figures, misinformation and dangerous wrong signals against security agencies and Fulani herdsmen, to whip up sentiment and gain sympathy.

Chairman Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Kaduna state chapter, Alhaji Haruna Usman Tugga, who stated this in a release he issued in Kaduna in response to a statement credited to Sokapu’s spokesman, Luka Binniyat, said, “necessity has compelled us to respond to the polemic, pejorative and unfortunate piece cum press releases always signed by its mouthpiece Binniyat Luka.
“It has since come to pass that SOKAPU has never honored any pact on resolutions reached in Southern Kaduna by the various groups which are concerned about the wanton killings and wealth destructions in the area. SOKAPU’s concern is to blackmail security agencies and governments at all levels. 

“It never ceases to disturb any right thinking, matured and progressive Southern Kaduna tribal group, the incessant series of lies, unfortunate and dangerous misinformation and dangerous wrong signals against the government agencies and Fulani herdsmen. 
“It appeals to our good emotions that SOKAPU has finally come to realize how powerful we are, that is why they could not conceptualize the exact figures of casualties and properties and homes destroyed or cum average the number of people displaced. It’s like SOKAPU likes playing with rough figures and false numbers to gain sympathy and support which is becoming a source of worry and concern among the good people of Southern Kaduna. 

“In regard to their accusations on the arrest of some “elders” with emphasis on one “85 years old man”, it is revealing that the said “85 years old man” is an old soldier who has been tactically and strategically involved in the training and indoctrination of some of their militias in the deep jungle of Southern Kaduna. 
“And yet the leadership of SOKAPU who are solely acting on their own are shouting and crying wolf in spite of the brazen fact that some blood thirsty individuals have been organizing selective and strategic genocide of Fulani herdsmen over long period of time leading to the deaths of thousands of our tribesmen with collateral co-efficient.”

Haruna Tugga said Fulani herders have equal rights of indigene and settling wherever is for human habitation, adding that the era of violence and brutality as solutions to problems have been phased out, replaced by advanced discussions, dialogues and shifting grounds in order to accommodate other tribal groups with opposing views.

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