Social media criticisms don’t bother me – Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is one Kannywood actress that achieved success within a short time. She joined the industry through King Ali Nuhu and they both featured in her first new films – Gani ga wane and Halwa. Since then, according to her, she has not looked back. Rahama, in this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, says she has already seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of life, adding that she had many times been suspended from the industry on charges of insubordination and indecent acts and behaviours.

Why the troubles?

Some of activities that put her into trouble were when she was seen kissing and dancing with one hip-hop musician from Benue state. She also ran into trouble when she accused Adam A. Zango of demanding for sex from her in exchange for a role in his film.

However, according to her, these wahala instead of pulling her down actually made her successful and popular among her peers. Since she completed her national youth service, she has concentrated on her acting career and businesses.

Recently, she was also in the news when she was said to have cried out loudly that she was desperately ready to get married should she get somebody that was ready to marry her. She also received media bashing when she opened her new entertainment centre, Sadauz Home.

The name, Rahama Sadau, is synonymous with crisis in Kannywood; why is this so?

 Let me welcome all of you here, the media guys, for this interview. Actually, the session was meant to be attended by FIM magazine only because they personally requested to interview me on several issues including my new business complex, Sadauz Home; all the same, I will attend to all those interested in talking to me now or in the near future.

We read in the social media that you are ready to settle down as a housewife, what actually is the true story?

Some bloggers do over blow issues in order to attract readers; look at me very well, do I look like somebody desperately looking for a man to marry? The answer is no! Through hard work and dedication today I am successful in life and age also is on my side. This is coupled with the fact that I read up to HND level and attended the mandatory one year National Youth Service. I am tall, very fair in complexion and have a perfect shape that I can flaunt. So, why should somebody report that I am desperate for marriage? If anything, all I only said is that any grown up lady will wish to have a man of her own; that was how far I went. On a daily basis, if you check my Instagram or Facebook account, my followers are increasing in thousands.

On the day you opened Sadauz Home, you sported an outfit, I mean your dressing, which is still attracting criticisms in the social media; does this not bother you?

Nobody can stop me in the street and challenge me face to face; most of the criticisms you are talking about are coming from Instagram. I mean most of those criticising me are doing so through Instagram not through newspapers or other mediums in the social media. As far as am concerned, they have the right to air their opinions on what goes on around them. I am a celebrity and a very popular actress in Kannywood and Nollywood; I am also a successful producer. Apart from that I have just ventured into entertainment like rendering services that have to do with boutique, refreshment, consultancy, charity and other issues that border on day to day activities of our lives. So, along the line, you will discover that there are those who may hate me or others that may like what I am doing. In fact they should watch me in the nearest future; Rahama will be a dominant face in many business outfits. I don’t bother about what others are doing, as such God is always lifting me among my peers. You in the media whether positive or negative, you are part of me and I will remain grateful to all of you. I wish the New Year would bring more opportunities to all of us.