Social media, blessing or curse?

It’s crystal clear that everything that exists on earth has reason(s) for its existence. This is the reason behind our being here. The era when different facilities that made life easy, like the use of donkey by our forefathers, had gone. We are now in the age where everything is computerised.

Without social media, people would have to continue to live like in the Stone Age without any knowledge on how the world rolls and how things change interchangeably.
In my opinion, social media has both the positive and negative impacts. Although, it depends on how one holds and utilises it, the choice solely depends on the person using the social media. Many people have recorded successes and achieved their dreams via social media, while others have their dreams unfulfilled and stagnant. Social media affects and changes minds of people of bad behaviours or otherwise. It sends countless lives to their graves unprepared; people who were alive before they breathed their last.

Congratulations to those folks for whom social media becomes the reason for their smiles and achievements. May they continue to benefit from the dividends of social media. Best wishes in advance to the future ones who may steer social media with goodness. May they, too, achieve more than what today’s beneficiaries achieved, amin. Hard luck to those for whom the reverse is the case. You are not too late to change the dice rolling with strong hope and unflinching determinations.

Many people believe in social media and take it as a means of chatting only with family and friends (FAF) as well as a means of becoming nuisance to other people. It is fascinating that whichever group one chooses to belong to, he/she will definitely meet people of his ilk or even those who are better than him or her or in that regard. It consists and explores everything depending on which one decides to choose.
I advise you not to be among those who take social media for granted. Learn, relearn from those great minds, share the knowledge, experience and skills you have with your friends. I call your attention not to share fake news on social platforms. You need to share only that which is genuine and beneficial to your friends, as fake news spreads faster than the dreaded virus of COVID-19. Use your tongue with care; it has a strong venom far more than that of a snake. Mind yourself on what you write, share, like, react and comment. Steer clear of unnecessary argument. Above all, never be addicted to social media impulsively. Manage your time judiciously.

Social media plays a significant role in sharing the development and advancement of today’s generation. Through it, many people make investments and become business tycoon and academic experts particularly those who are smartly witty. It helps many to connect with their customers and clients from far and distant environment. Without social media, many amongst our business tycoons would not have become what they are today, let alone to be known around the world.

Examples of these are Bill Gate, Femi Otedola, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, among others. All these great minds in business circle were known by all and sundry through cyberspace, and the products they produce exclusively. In this regard, we can unanimously say that social media plays a vital role in the world of marketing and economic buoyancy for many of our successful business moguls.

Social media eases and simplifies most things that seem complex. Many people from distant places have become as familiar and intimate as those they have blood consanguinities with. We the generation of social media users need to use it wisely to avoid hatching bad eggs among the future generation. We need guidance and parameters to set our activities straight by our great minds who scaled through in life. 

Their manners need to be replicated by us for better growth and attainment of better opportunities in this 21st Century, a digital century that is loaded with brouhaha and challenges. Had the social media been fully sanitised and sensitised, I am sure the future would have been a productive one. Alas! All around us, one can see how the havoc .

To say a naked and plain truth, children who are yet to reach puberty should be banned from using social media, as it is usually the causative factor of their rudeness and moral decadence. It is better not to have a child at all than to give a society a notorious child that could be a threat to people. Many under-aged children learn to watch pornographic pictures and videos via these platforms. Fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism can only be eradicated or diminished among our youths by enforcing laws and orders on how social media shall be used. Most parents are lackadaisical in monitoring their children on social media; some are only good in giving birth but very poor in giving moral standards to their children. Children’s phones need to be checked frequently and unceremoniously. Parents should check to know the friends their children mingle with, because bad companies produce bad products. Friends are the central processors in changing the behaviours of today’s generation, particularly females whose lives are at a zenith than that of males. By so doing, most social vices would be curbed or eradicated.

May social media never be a curse and threat to our lives, amin.

Mai-Nasara Muawiya Uzair
[email protected]