Shikui Kondo needs borehole

Shikui Kondo in Borno state was founded over two centuries ago. Unfortunately, the village has never had a borehole for the people living there to have access to potable and excess water since it was founded.

As a result, the people of the village always have to travel long distance before they can fetch water. Thus, I am writing to appeal to the Borno state government to help us drill a borehole at Shikui Kondo in Yimirdlalang ward, Kwaya-Kusar local government area, Borno state. This will provide us access to water and reduce the hardships of the villagers.

It is sad that the aged or old people cannot cook their meals or take bath regularly because of their inability to trek long distances to access water. Consequently many are dying due to the resultant diseases.
I hope the state government will urgently grant our request and drill a borehole for the people of the village.

Thank you for your usual assistance and may God bless you, ameen.

Saidu Karimu,

Shikui Kondo, Borno state
08124842743, 09014886056, 07015345562.