Scrabble World Championship: Nigeria’s strongest prospect, Doko, denied US visa

One of the strongest and talented members of Team Nigeria to the World Scrabble Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Oluwatimilehin Doko has been denied visa by the US embassy in Nigeria.

This sad news was made public by the President of Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) Engineer Toke Aka, in a chat with media over the weekend.

“Even though we are thankful that virtually all members of the team got visas, one of our strongest youth player a 400 level pharmacy student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and national number four player, Oluwatimilehin Doko was denied visa.” The NSF President lamented.

He went on to say that; “We believe he was wrongfully stereotyped. This is a player who came out amongst the top 5 in Accra, Ghana last year during the West African Scrabble Championship and qualified for the African Scrabble Championship in Zambia but missed out due to his passport being held up in Bayelsa atate during last year flood. We just hope this does not dampen the young man’s morale,” Engineer Toke Aka added.