Saraki land: Behind the lines

Why do we have to continue to dissipate unnecessary energy on the Ile Arugbo land re-acquisition by the Kwara  state government that originally owns the land? Bukky knows the truth that he illegally used his position as the then sitting governor of the state to corner the land for his father. Questions to be answered by all decernible minds are as follows:

1 When the said land was unprocedurally allocated by self by Bukky were there no physical government structures meant for the phase 3 of the state secretariat on the land?

2. Was any payment made as compensation for the physical structures met on the land to Kwara state government before the illegal demolition of the same by Saraki?

3. Was any payment made to the state government for the acquisition?

The Yoruba saying is apt here that Baloo Baloo, Abo nboo. Iyan Ogun odun a man joni lowo.

It is ilogical to start to draw battle line when you are completely on the wrong side of the law. It is instructive to know that all papers relating to the land are invalid. It is also a thing of common knowledge that Ile Arugbo was constructed with local government funds. The plastic chairs in Ile Arugbo are state government owned.

The Land Use Act and the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended vest all land within the state on the governor’s hands. Assuming without conceeding that the Ile Arugbo land was Saraki’s personal land, the state government reserves the right to acquire same for overall public purpose and interest.

The further alleged criminalities of the Sarakis show that the same ASA company of late Saraki was dashed Shonga Farms from CAC record. So many stupid things were done for 16 years by Bukky/Fatai. So many Lawalites were harassed, hunted, brutalised and put behind bars illegally by Bukky.

 Some of them died when they were eventually released and a good example is Gani Toye.

All Lawal’s legacies they tried to erase completely. A good example is the female hostel and auditorium hall at Kwara Polytechnic which were left uncompleted for 16 years not until Governor AA came that these projects got the desired attention.

Up Lawal Ilorin water reticulation was jettisoned and in some cases hopelessly brought down. Their own water reticulation remained comatose till date notwithstanding several billions of naira that went down the drain with the false Ilorin water reticulation.

The Herald Newspapers permanent site along Asa Dan Ilorin was turned into a diagnostic centre in a bid to erase Lawal’s achievements and till date the state of the art printing equipment bought for Herald Newspapers by Lawal took flight since 2003 ditto the gus urbanites equipment purchased for Budo Efoo and Yakuba Radio Kwara & TV station.

All landed properties within the state, at Abuja and Kaduna were cornered, either sold or personalised by Bukky. And here is the man that draws battle line. He who seeks or comes to equity must come with clean hands.

And what about KWASU? Local government accounts were illegally deployed to take several loans to fund the take-off of the state university but a visit to the university at Malate shows that the federal government agency, TETFUND, accounted for 99 per cent of the physical structures on the campus. Several billions of naira loans taken for the same purpose took flight.

We are ?% behind the governor, every illegally acquired state property(ies) must be returned to the state. If every governor had stolen the resources of the state the way Bukky/ Fatai allegedly did, they would not have met anything on ground.

Call a spade a spade, heaven will not fall. We await the promised war the seemingly deluded has drawn his battle line on.

Edun AB Esq. writes from Abuja