Sanwo-Olu, stop this madness

I was assailed by the gory sight that confronted me as I drove from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport on Sunday. As I descended from the international wing of the airport on my way to Isolo, the newly constructed now 10-lane expressway was a delight until I approached the Ajao Estate gate to connect Osolo Way opposite the popular 7/8 bus stop.

Traders of all manner of wares have taken over the corners of the intersections, presenting an eyesore to a newcomer to the city.

How did the Lagos state agency responsible for environmental sanity in the state allow traders to occupy strategic points on an international airport road blocking traffic like that? Which other country even in Africa can you see such an unsightly spectacle of traders hanging their wares ranging from fruits, shoes and clothes on such an important road from an international airport? Is there no limit to our anyhow ness as a country?

I use this medium to call on the relevant agency of the state to rise to the occasion and put an end to such an embarrassment without further delay. Must people be allowed to convert every road corner into selling points? Where is the claim to a megacity of Lagos if a newly built international airport road can be so turned into trading points because of the negligence of the government?

This is hoping the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, can do something fast and stop this madness otherwise his silence will be misconstrued as acquiescence.

Enoch Adekunle,


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