Sanitisation of borehole industry: Faceless elements sabotaging Oyo’s efforts, taskforce raises alarm 

The chairman of All Drillers Association in Oyo state and head of Taskforce on Borehole Drilling, Kolawole Olayinka, weekend said faceless elements are sabotaging efforts of Oyo state government in sanitising the industry.

Olayinka who raised the alarm in a statement  stated that the said elements are hell bent at ruining the industry in Oyo state with the alleged exploitation by Indian borehole drillers.

He stated that the faceless elements are already claiming that he is no longer the chairman of the association, adding that contrary to the claim, he remains the chairman of all borehole drilling companies in the state.

“These are people who don’t have any stake in the industry. They are not stakeholders at all as they call themselves. If you’re a stakeholder, you must pay tax to the government. They should also have offices.

“They are faceless individuals who have damaged state government in the past and also took the government to court. So, which collaboration do they want from the government now? They have bitten the finger that fed them and that is what is hurting them.

“The Indians want to milk the citizens of Oyo state dry and we said no. My accusers are people that have been alleged to have severally of collected monies for jobs and won’t do it. I have a lot of cases we are battling against them.

 “These are people who had learnt one trade or other but when they didn’t find it lucrative, they dabbled into borehole drilling. That is why we are going on air always to alert members of the public.

“We have a card we want to to identify the original drillers from the counterfeits and to checkmate members. How can some people be dictating to the government? They want government to do some things for them, but they are not stakeholders,” he said.