Same-sex contents broadcast: CSO asks NBC to ban Netflix, Tiktok, others 

 A civil society organisation, Open Justice Initiative (OJI), has vowed to drag the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to court if it fails to ban Netflix, Tiktok, and others over alleged broadcast of offensive same-sex contents on Nigeria’s airwaves.

The CSO urged the NBC to ban other social media platforms, including X, formerly known as Twitter, Facebook, etc with regards to the subject matter.

 A lawyer and programme officer of OJI, Donald Ayibiowu, gave the warning in a letter addressed to the director-general of NBC, Mr Charles Ebuebu.

The certified true copy of the letter was titled: “Need to Ban and Bar the Continuous Broadcast of Offensive Same-Sex Contents on Nigeria’s Airwaves by Netflix and Other Specialized Broadcast Outlets,” was made available to newsmen Tuesday in Abuja, dated April 13, and was received by the commission on April 23.

“We write to draw the esteem attention of your commission to some obnoxious and repugnant same-sex contents being aired or transmitted by some broadcast outfits operating within the Nigeria broadcast space, which platforms include Netflix and some social media entities. 

 “The contents campaigned about borders on the promotion of amorous relationships between persons of same-.ex on the said platforms. 

 “We received complaints on this topic from well-meaning Nigerians and religious organisations and further discovered that the broadcast contents/materials on these platforms are laced with embedded scenes/episodes where same-sex relationships are practically being propagated. 

“We also conducted researches on some social media platforms like tiktok, tweeter(X), Facebook (Meta), etc with regards to this subject, and found the same hazardous and illegal same-sex contents being promoted and transmitted. 

 “It is clear that there is an agenda to surreptitiously lure the unsuspecting young population of this country to this satanic habit/lifestyle of same-sex practice in Nigeria by subtly introducing the same through entertainment and showbiz industry, albeit through the airwaves,” he said.