Sack Sardaunan Kano now, emir urged

Leader of Northern Concerned Persons and Professionals, Dr Junaid Mohammed, has called on the Emir of Kano, Dr Ado Bayero, to remove former governor of Kano state, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, as Sardaunan Kano, for joining the PDP “which destroyed the North built by the late sir Ahmadu Bello, the pillar and the only Sardaunan of the North and Sokoto Caliphate.”

Speaking to newsmen in Kano, Junaid said the Goodluck Jonathan administration which imposed Boko Haram on the region which had destroyed “our economy, places of worship and our institutions should be rejected by all meaning northerners and those yet unborn; this government is the worst in the entire history of this country.”

He said: “As a respected Fulani emir, Ado Bayero should not allow Malam Ibrahim Shekarau to continue parading himself as Sardaunan Kano. From nowhere, God made him governor of Kano state for eight years, even though he ended up as a complete failure having mismanaged the resources of the state. Today, God has heard the cry of Kano people and brought Kwankwaso back.”
He added: “Go to Mundubawa and see the house Shekarau built with government resources, a man who was living in a rented house before him became governor,

He said he is a Mallam; what will he tell God on the Day of Judgment for building a multibillion naira castle with people money? Why did he declare for  the PDP in Abuja? Bafarawa declared in Sokoto, let Shekarau declared in Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano so that he can show his popularity and justified what he collected.”

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