Roulette Strategy: A vomplete Roulette guide

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In this roulette guide, you will learn everything about roulette strategy. We give you all kinds of tips and information about the most used roulette systems at non GamStop Casinos. Discover the system that suits you best to enjoy the game even more and optimize your chances of winning.

What Is a Roulette Strategy? And How to Apply It at Non GamStop Casinos?

Roulette strategies or betting systems are designed to beat the game and provide guaranteed winnings. The system tells you in every situation how much to bet and what to bet on, based on mathematical calculations or algorithms. You just need to follow these instructions. The ball and the roulette wheel do the rest, and you leave the table with a lot of winnings in your pocket. This sounds ideal, but if every player adopted such a profitable strategy, all casinos would go out of business. It is therefore important to realize that roulette systems are only profitable in theory. In practice, there is always a catch, making it impossible to make a profit in the long term. The casino always has a house edge, and a roulette strategy can’t change that.

It is therefore important to only use roulette systems at non GamStop casinos for fun, never for the purpose of making a profit. A roulette system can make it a lot more fun to play roulette, because you never just randomly bet something. Following a strategy is also a great way to manage your balance and maximize your playing time. Moreover, with a bit of luck you can make a nice profit.

Roulette strategies have been around since the game has been around for over 200 years. There are many systems to choose from, and they all work similarly. Below we explain what the best-known and most popular roulette strategies are. Go through the list and find out which strategy suits you best.

The Best Roulette Strategies

With almost all roulette strategies, the intention is to bet on single odds. These are also called outside bets because they are located on the outside of the roulette table. So you can bet on black/red, high/low or even/odd. The outcome of the previous round determines the amount of your next bet. How you increase (or decrease) your bet after each round differs per roulette strategy. Below we explain the basic rules of the most commonly used roulette systems.

1. Martingale

The Martingale is probably the best known roulette system. You start by betting a certain amount (e.g. €1) on a single chance (black/red, high/low or even/odd). If you win, you collect your winnings (€1) and bet another €1. If you lose, you double your bet to €2. If you lose again, you double again to €4, then to €8, €16, €32, and so on. You keep doubling your bet until you win once. The result is that after every win you are € 1 in the plus.

2. Paroli

With the Paroli system, the intention is to double after every win. You decide in advance how many times you want to double in a row, and once you reach that level, you start a new series with your initial bet. It is up to you to determine what your goal is. For example, you can try to win 5 times in a row. Again, you bet on a single chance.

You start by betting €1 on red. The ball lands on black and you lose your bet. You bet €1 on red again, and this time the ball lands on red. You now double your bet and bet on red again. So you keep doubling as long as you win, you’re lucky and win all 5 rounds in a row. You now stand a nice €30 profit and you have reached your goal of 5 wins in a row. You can now continue by starting a new sequence with your initial €1 bet.

3. Parlay

The Parlay system is very similar to the Paroli system, with the only difference being that you now have a target amount in mind. So you decide how much you want to win and how much risk you want to take. After every win you keep doubling your bet until you reach the target amount. Then you start a new sequence with your initial bet.

4. Labouchere

This strategy was devised by the avid French roulette player Henry Labouchère (1831 – 1912). With this system, you also determine in advance what amount you want to win. This can be, for example, 20 euros. You then divide this amount into a series of smaller numbers. For example, this could be 2-4-6-8 or 3-1-5-2-7-2. It doesn’t matter which sequence you use, as long as the sum of the numbers is 20. Then take a pen and write down the series of numbers on a piece of paper. Your first bet is determined by the sum of the left and right numbers in the sequence.

5. Fibonacci

The ‘Fibonacci sequence’ is a famous series of numbers in mathematics. It is named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, whose nickname was Fibonacci. Each number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers.

You start with a bet of €1. Every time you lose, you bet the next number in the sequence. In this case, you bet €1 again. If you lose, you bet €2, then €3, €5, €8, etc.


Applying roulette strategies has several advantages, but also some disadvantages. Below you will find an overview of the main reasons to use a roulette strategy.

It makes playing roulette a lot more fun. Also, you can play longer as roulette strategies can significantly extend your playing time. You never have to think about your bet. On the other hand, roulette strategies also have some drawbacks. It is not a guarantee of success. Also, it requires discipline and a big budget.