RMRDC urges FG to adopt new mgt initiative

The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), has appealed to the federal government to adopt the Result base Logical Framework in Management.

The framework guarantees attainment of the mandate of any agency so that any money spent achieves its result.

The Project Manager National Strategy for Competitiveness in Raw Materials and Products Development in Nigeria Dr. Eteama Henry said “We haven’t been paying attention to the result based management logical framework and this strategy,  Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved for implementation is one that recognises the fact that as a culture we must invest and imbibe that culture making sure that any resources deployed whether it is money or material must give and have  impacts and mandate of the corporate body deriving from the word programme of department or division that is executing the project.

“The very aim of this exercise is to make the establishment stronger because when you hear ‘weak’, is because they have not been able to meet up with their mandate mostimes, nor pay attention to outcome  or results being impact part  of their activities mandate each establishment  is establishing by statutes and as a matter of fact all the mandate every agencies is suppose to attain and where you have organogram that is where  you have department divisions and each of them have their job description. So anything you do at the end of the day outside the mandate or outside the job description isn’t intending with best practices that is way it is done in most develop countries  that is why they pay attention to outcome of all their activities and how it is impacting on  their mandate.”

He further said that the framework was a knowledge based Centre of excellence where they try to instill at the directorate level the culture of management logical framework.

Speaking, the Retreat Coordinator of the project Mr. Baba James, said the initiative is a nobel management system that is practiced in western countries to revolutionalise the ease of management and making their economy to be first class

He added that, “to make our staff and stakeholders to have a state of mind into the system to help shape away the way we design, plan and execute our project and implement them and make positive impact on the economy

“To benefit is that it will shapen our approach to project design and implementation that will give us the expected outcome.”

He urged government and private organisation to copy from them “because if we all can key to this management framework in the country it will revolutionlise the whole framework on the country and step away from the developing country we are to be on top of our game. The ancient countries have done it, we can also do it.