Rivers: Why Fubara should implement Abuja accord – PDP group

The most crucial political events and developments during the year have emphatically affirmed the significant presence of FCT Minister, Chief Nyesom Wike as one of the prime movers of Nigerian politics, a pressure group, the PDP Frontliners has said.  

“Despite claims of Wike’s unpopularity by his Lilliputian critics in Rivers State, his pivotal role in weakening the PDP’s support base, along with defections of key figures like Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso, arguably contributed to APC’s electoral success in 2023; over the years, Hyesom Wike mentored a 23 year old man who became his able successor as governor of Rivers state 23 years afterwards,” PDP Frontliners’ emphasized in a statement signed by their Publicity Secretary , Mr. Jonah G. Sylbriks.

According to the PDP Frontliners, a pressure group within the Peoples Democratic Party, any objective review of Nigeria’s political chessboard and power dynamics in 2023 will easily highlight the Wike factor and the need for Governor Siminalayi Fubara to sustain the deference and respect for his predecessor as well as the accord brokered by President Ahmed Tinubu.  

“In Nigeria’s ever-shifting political landscape, the hunt for heroes among politicians has been near-fruitless, leading to a fervent search for villains, especially as economic woes grip the nation; former Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has become a focal point, blamed for dashing political dreams and disrupting power dynamics, notably within the PDP and accusations abound, linking Wike to shattered aspirations of presidential candidates and gubernatorial hopefuls, while paving the way for Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory.  

“On Twitter (X), Facebook and other social media platforms, Labour Party supporters and supporters of the PDP presidential candidate who, had in 2011 led the campaign against President Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential bid on the grounds that ‘it was still the turn of the North to rule Nigeria.’ are struggling to overdo themselves in painting the FCT Minister as a villain because of his backing for Tinubu.  

“Also, in Rivers state, former PDP heavyweights who have become expired political paperweights join others in accusing Wike of insulting the Ijaws by bringing up Fubara instead of allowing them to impose a candidate; they deliberately ignore the fact that Wike made another Ijaw man an Executive Director, Finance and Administration at the Niger Delta Development Commission, and backed yet another Ijaw man to become the Rivers State Representative in the Federal Civil Service Commission,” they stated.  

Urging Governor Fubara to sustain his commitment to the Abuja peace accord and avoid politicians’ cunning aimed towards putting him in conflict against his long-term mentor, the PDP Frontliners asserted that inasmuch as a river that forgets its source runs the risk of drying up, Governor Fubara should not toe the line of another former Rivers state governor who repaid Dr. Peter Odili with ingratitude and ran into political oblivion even after becoming a Minister.  

“In 1998, Wike, then Local Government Chairman of Obia Akpor Local Government, had Sim Fubara, a twenty-three (23) year old as his accountant/cashier, became a governor and made Fubara the accountant/cashier in Government House before making him a director and later, the state Accountant-General; at 46, Fubara as one of Nigeria’s youngest governors, has spent half of his years on earth working for or under Wike.  

“Now that they have signed a peace accord, it behooves on the Governor and not Wike, to ensure a restoration to normalcy because the likely end loser of a prolonged fight is Fubara – who will spend the next few years watching his front and back instead of working to beat the record of his “father” and in any case, turbulence in Rivers State now will, in the long term, be blamed on the Governor, and not Wike, whose tenure turned Rivers into a mini political capital of Nigeria, saw rapid urban renewal and brought an end to the regular bouts of violence in the State.  

“Furthermore, a large percentage of his new supporters are people who do not like him – and wish that he is not in power; when the “chips are down” as they say, Fubara may look back and discover, sadly at the time, that he is alone!  

“In any case, instigators who are pushing him into the fight in the name of the law, democracy and the constitution are failing to also let him know that, under democracy and proper respect for the rule of law, a State Governor does not have much access to instruments of coercion – except, outside the law; in truth, the law may neither help him or his father and they may both become casualties.  

“Besides, dividing the State along ethnic lines now may harm the Governor more than Wike and, the Governor needs to discountenance the voices from Bayelsa and Delta States against Wike;  Ijaw’s have been unable to make Governorship in Delta – and, for now it is Wike that made it possible in River State.  

“Furthermore, Wike’s traducers need to be told some truth:  attacks on Wike will not bring down President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, all those who lost their positions because of Wike cannot reclaim such positions by bringing down Wike; PDP needs to rebuild itself or die and obsession of Atiku and his co-wayfarers with Wike counterproductive to the party and democracy,” the PDP Frontliners argued.