Rilwan: A Muslim passionate about philanthropy

The name Ibrahim Rilwan Mohammed is on the lip of everyone in all the predominantly Muslim states of Northern Nigeria. This is credited to unprecedented developments brought by his foundation to various Muslim communities in the region and neighbouring countries like Niger Republic.

He has built mosques and Islamic schools, complete with air conditioning system and everything necessary for their functionality. He is also passionate in addressing situations facing the less-privileged in both urban and rural areas.
Over 1,000 students across the region have benefited from his educational programmes which often prioritise orphans and needy children in society.

According to investigations, the foundation has assisted in various commitments, including building schools for both Islamic and western education, providing uniforms, books and equipping hospitals and medical centres. Recently, the foundation completed the Argungun road, a mosque, and school project costing a whopping N70 million in addition to donating materials like solar street lights on Argungun, Jos, and Adamawa roads.

This is besides the ongoing construction of a modern Islamiyya school at Adamawa at the cost of over N50 million. When completed, the school will engage married women, old and young women under the able leadership of his mother who is an Islamic scholar. The foundation has also completed many mosques in the state capital and beyond.

There is, therefore, the need for Saudi organisations, such as IIRO, to join hands with his foundation to champion the good cause of propagating Islam in the region and address the problems of Almajiri, which the foundation is trying to eradicate.

The foundation has assisted hundreds of thousands of widows who lost their loved ones due to bandits attacks in various areas, providing them with food items, blankets, mattresses, building materials and monetary support to start trading and other endeavours.

Alhaji Ibrahim Rilwan Mohammed has put smiles on many faces over the past 10 years, all for the sake of Allah.

Bello Ahmadu Alkammawa was the director of press to the chairman of Ibrahim Rilwan Mohammed Foundation, Kaduna.