Result delay: INEC subverting Nigerian’s collective will, group alleges

Concerned Nigerian Citizens for Democracy (CNCD) has raised the alarm over the delay by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) in announcing the presidential election.

Addressing journalists on threat to democracy and tardiness of the 2019 general elections, Monday in Abuja, Dr Law Mefor.  Said: “There is claim bad counterclaim to victory of the presidential election by the two leading political parties,  namely: the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“This needless controversy is avoidable since the presidential polls have been concluded in over 90 per cent of the polling units round the country and votes declared by election official at the polling units as required by the extant electoral laws.  Nigerians have loudly spoken in their millions.”

He said, “CNCD is deeply worried that the collective will of the Nigerian people is being subverted in this needless delay in declaring election results,  since the final computation and collations cannot be different from what was collated at polling units.

“The INEC Chairman Prof Mamood Yakubu in one of his media briefings before the rescheduled presidential election, advised political parties to rely on the results declared at the polling units in collating their own results.  Thus is in order since it would help the political parties as principal stakeholder in this electoral enterprise to keep tab on the collation of result by INEC itself.

“CNCD is therefore surprised by the hues and cries round the country about desperate attempts by individuals to alter results that have since been declared and pasted by INEC officials at polling units round the country.  These unfortunate attempts are as undemocratic as they  are evil.

“More worrisome are the allegation of involvement of the highly respected Nigerian military and Police in the subversion. Before the presidential election,  there were allegations of politicians kitting their thugs in fake military and Police uniforms.  This sad and unfortunate development has made it even difficult to ascertain whether those perpetrating these subversion actions are real Nigerian security personnel or the fake.”

He said, “CNCD strongly believes that the nation’s presidential election result can be delivered within 48 hours. Mastication and delays of such basic process is what has introduced the confusion that could plunge the nation into unnecessary confusion and conflict.

“CNCD is therefor calling on all well-meaning Nigerians to be vigilant.  We are calling on the international community and international democratic organisation to also remain alert.  As vanguards of democracy, CNCD have taken this initial step of alerting the world of the dangers the Nigeria democracy is under.

“CNCD will follow through with petition through with petition to the IGP, DSS,  INEC,  and Chief of Defence Staff,  Chief of Army Staff. Tomorrow, Tuesday,  we shall embark on a march for democracy to INEC,  British High Commission, the US Embassy and to some others. We must remind them of the need for visa denials to the perpetrators of electoral violence in Nigeria.”