Restructuring not solution to Nigeria’s problem – Lawmaker

lawmaker representing Ezza South/Ikwo federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Chinedu Ogah, Monday said restructuring was not the solution to the country’s problem.

Ogah stated this in his Abakaliki resident, Ebonyi state capital while speaking with reporters.

He said the problem of the country was selfishness and greed on the part of the people. That if people are freely allowed to choose their leaders, the leaders will be accountable to them and there would be no problem in the country.

He said, “the problem of the country is we the people the country, not restructuring. Restructuring is not the problem of Nigeria, our problem is selfish and greed. Greed in the sense that somebody will be in his house and put someone as a leader in his village while the masses will start opposing it because they were not allowed to freely choose their leader.

“If we allow the people in grassroot to choose their leaders as they want, the people will definitely listen to that leader and he can control the security of that place but when you impose a leader on the people because you are privileged to do so, those leaders must definitely agitate and that is our major problem, not restructuring.

“If we continue to talk about restructuring, can any state live without restructuring? Our problem is ourselves. What are we restructuring? Let us restructure our minds, ourselves and our loves and unity.

“Let us begin to restructure ourselves by being our brother’s keeper because it is the major problem of Nigeria. Our minds and attitudes are restructured, Nigeria is good to go”, Ogah stated.

The APC lawmaker opposed state police saying that politicians will use it to clamp on their opponents.

On South-east 2023 presidency, he noted the region has all it takes to produce the position.

“We have all it takes to produce the president of the country, we have those that will go for us but when the time comes, we shall cross it”, he submitted

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