Reps committee moves to reconcile aggrieved Bauchi lawmakers

The House of Representatives has constituted 12-man panel to reconcile the members of the Bauchi state of House of Assembly.

Recall that 13 members out of the 31-members-elect were inaugurated and later elected the speaker and deputy speaker before proceeding on indefinite adjournment. The house resumed Monday with the inaugurated 13 lawmakers in attendance.

The 13 members had elected Hon Abubakar Suleiman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) representing Ningi constituency as Speaker of the Bauchi House of Assembly.

Conversely, the other members-elect had equally held a session where they were inaugurated and elected a speaker as well though without being convened as required by law by the governor.

The 18 aggrieved APC lawmakers had held a parallel election outside the Chamber of the House to elect the former Speaker Damina after they were reportedly prevented from gaining access by security personnel.

The Reps in setting up the Committee headed by Hon. Musa Sarkin Adar, said charged it with the responsibility of collection of complaints from aggrieved lawmakers and critical stakeholders in the state, and that commenced yesterday (Monday).

The committee visited Governor Bala Muhammed where the leader of the panel informed the governor that the House of Representatives has given them the mandate to look into the event that led to the state having ‘two speakers’ and the subsequent closure of the House for about a month.

He added his committee members will gather information to help determine a resolution capable of bringing peace to the house.

“We are from different geopolitical zones, party lines and tribes, we promise to do justice to the issues of the parliament. Our concern is to make peace and consequently setting the state on progress lane.

“With these, we want all aggrieved members or any party to tender their displeasure, either recent or old testimony between today and Wednesday,” he said

The governor said: “As a parliamentarian, we are ashamed of the situation in the state, though politics is dynamic-some of the democratisation come with crisis, by this, we must always be loyal to the will of the people, we respect the autonomy of the parliament.

 “What happened in Bauchi is very regrettable but we are not going to pre-empt what you have come here for but give you all the support that is required. As far as we are concerned, there is only one house in Bauchi.

“The election has been conducted and I was the one who signed the proclamation and the election was held with the symbol of authority in the house not outside and within the timeline.

“Of course, some people were excluded, it is very sad for people who are representing different constituencies to be excluded from discharging their parliamentary exercise.

“We appreciate your coming. Definitely, some people have been expecting your arrival. Myself and deputy are parliamentarians, we have been to the Senate and we are today at the helms of affairs of Bauchi today.”

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