Real estate companies partner to tackle student housing

Modern Shelter Systems and Services Limited (MSSSL), one of Nigeria’s leading real estate companies, announces its strategic partnership with the Strategic Housing Group (SHG), Dubai, to tackle the significant but somewhat ignored student housing deficiency in the country.

This is through the construction of Nigeria’s first state-of-the-art 792-bed student housing community in the Institutions and Research District of Abuja. The Myriad Abuja, which is an extension of one of SHG’s product lines which is nestled within 1 square kilometer of Nile and Baze, two of the biggest private universities in the country.

The facility comes with some of the best amenities obtainable around the world, including furnished accommodations, academic support facilities like study rooms, outdoor spaces, coffee shops and lounges.

The facility is also expected to be equipped with leisure and entertainment spots such as swimming pools, outdoor cinemas, gaming consoles and football tables. The Myriad will also contain an array of sporting facilities including a basketball court, gyms and a mini football pitch.

In his remarks at the signing ceremony, the MD/CEO Modern Shelter, Abdulmalik Mahdi highlighted that “The combination of the unique skill sets of the two companies promises exciting times not just for students and young professionals looking for accommodation; it is also an investors delight as institutions and individuals have a safe and profitable avenue to invest in real estate”.

In response, the CEO of the Strategic Housing Group, Vik Rao said “It has always been part of the long-term plan to expand into Africa and Nigeria in particular. Having found the right partner in Modern Shelter, the timing is perfect. We look forward to giving the Nigerian market the best services obtainable anywhere in the world”. He also added that The Myriad in Dubai is already home to a lot of Nigerian students.