Reactions as Peter Obi deletes comment on Tinubu

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate elections, Peter Obi, has received severe criticism after deleting a tweet in which he referred to President Bola Tinubu as “Mr President.”

This move by Obi sparked a wave of reactions on various social media platforms, with many expressing their disapproval.

Obi, who is challenging President Tinubu’s declaration, had initially criticized the President’s convoy on Friday, June 30, 2023.

However, he later removed the tweet and replaced it with a new one, in which he substituted the mention of the “120-car convoy of ‘Mr President'” with a reference to a popular motorcade video.

In the revised tweet, Obi stated, “We cannot continue to preach sacrifice to the people without making sacrifices ourselves. As leaders, we must visibly and measurably take the lead in addressing the suffering experienced by the people.”

In response to his actions, numerous social media users berated Obi on Saturday, July 1, 2023, for consistently catering to the demands of his
supporters, while others criticized him for deleting the original tweet.

@AhmadBashir said, “That was a disappointing move. I genuinely feel sorry for Peter, as the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party. It appears he has lost control over himself and his own opinions.”

AyanbisiAT tweeted, “By my count, Peter Obi have deleted over 143 tweets since he broke into political limelight. Either he doesn’t think it through before “approving” those tweets, or his social media handler is that “mad man.”

@Bolutife said, “Peter Obi will one day mistakenlky delete his Twitter handle, if care isn’t taken.”