Re: Pate coming late to the party

I read with amusement an article written by one Misbahu Shehu on Guardian newspaper, describing Professor Muhammad Ali Pate as late comer to APC thus shouldn’t be considered by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for ministerial appointment.

Ordinarily, Misbahu or anyone behind the name, doesn’t deserve response because the piece is laden with half-truths intended to mislead the public about the personality of Professor Pate. But I take it a duty to put the record straight.

The claim that Pate is coming late to APC is not only laughable but also indicates that the writer is ignorant of Bauchi politics. When APC first participated in elections, Professor Pate was one of the bigwigs that took the party to victory in 2015 after falling out with Malam Isa Yuguda because all his support groups dissolved into APC.

In 2019, Pate vied for the party’s governorship ticket and when APC failed to address his grievances, he answered the call of his supporters to defect to PRP though maintaining support to APC’s presidential candidate.

After 2019 elections, Pate returned to APC and continued contributing to its success physically and financially. He maintained all his structures across Bauchi state and continued to finance their activities for the victory of APC. It was based on the recognition of such efforts that some party stakeholders including the then President Muhammadu Buhari endorsed Pate to re-contest APC governorship ticket in 2023.

He contested, and even after he lost, Pate kept faith with APC and worked with his structures to ensure victory of all APC candidates, particularly, President Tinubu.

I wonder what else Misbahu and those behind his article want from a loyal party man than what Pate has done to ensure APC’s victory? Obviously, they have a hidden agenda.

As politician and citizen of Bauchi state, I know Pate, his antecedents, pedigree and how every good citizen is proud of him. His contributions to his state, country and the world at large have endeared to many.

Pate is a global citizen who has seen it all in the area of governance, medicine, philanthropy, humanitarian aids, and leadership. These qualities have given him advantage anywhere and any time. Hiding behind politics to concoct lies against him will fall.

At a time our dear country is at a crossroads and our president has shown high patriotism and preparedness to face the challenges head-on, bringing global citizens like Professor Pate will definitely do the magic.

It even takes a patriot to leave his comfort zone to contribute to his country. In fact, we need many Pates in the Tinubu administration to take Nigeria out of the woods. By picking Pate and his ilks as ministers, President Tinubu got it right.

Isah Abuh Yusuf,