Re: Nine years after Prof Ahmad Falaki- The Fall of Farmers’ General

The late Prof. Mustapha Ahmed Falaki had a larger-than-life personality during his working career that made his name ring the bell nine years after his assassination. As expected, my tribute last week to the academic colossus, social-justice crusader, power of the powerless, and farmers’ general, Mallam Falaki, attracted praise and happy testimonies from those whom his human kindness touched. It was a life well spent; we pray that his maker, who is also our maker, the Almighty Allah, forgives Falaki’s shortcomings and admits him to Aljanna Firdausi. I am sharing some of the comments. Happy reading.

Mallam Falaki, as we respectfully called him, was a father, a teacher, a colleague, a mentor, and an advisor to me. I may be correct to say that among his students and colleagues, I was the closest to him. As you rightly mentioned, he was instrumental in the admission and employment of too numerous people to mention, including me. He also trained and mentored me in the extension practice. We were like a father and a son. I could vividly remember my last encounter with him a day before he was brutally murdered in cold blood in the open in front of his blood brother Abbas! He came to console me over the death of my brother after we spoke on the phone. I did not know that he was saying goodbye to me because he was murdered the next day. I was penciled down by the security to be “arrested” the next day because of my several call records in his phone until the security realized he was not what they thought he was! He was humble, honest, supportive, and caring to all humanity. He loved and cared for his family and friends. Since that day he was murdered, I have been left without a supporting shoulder whenever I needed advice! May his gentle soul rest in eternal peace.

Mallam Falaki was instrumental in creating a network of professionals and technocrats for me, which became my strength while I was the Country Director of SAA and up to today. He carried me along wherever he was going, displaying his skills of managing meetings and partners, his ability to control bad situations, and creating linkages with ease and results. He left behind huge contacts in the agricultural development arena, which are still a great asset to me! I will continue to miss him and pray for him till my last breath!

Prof Sani Miko

Allahu Akbar!! You have said it all about this Man of God, Prof. I never had the blessing to associate with him when he was alive, but the testimonials poured by you and senior colleagues on his generosity, kindness are undouble. Inshaa Allah, we are hopeful, that a representation of his recompense on the day of judgement (Inshaa Allah). May Allah forgive his gentle soul and grant him Jannatul Firdaus! Aaamin Ya Rabbil Aalamina 

Dr. Mohammed Makeri

Allahu Akbar, thank you for this memorial to the life of our late brother, Malam Falaki. May Allah grant him rahama and Aljannah Firdaus his final abode.

Prof Ibrahim Garba

A perfect tribute to Prof. Falaki. May Aljannah be his final abode.

Prof Hudu Ayuba

May Allah add infinite mercy to his reposed soul in Jannatil Firdaus

Prof. Dauda Nalado Dangora

Thank you for remembering the life of a selfless patriot, empowerment, and promoter of human development. A mentor whose encouragement. Has made a difference in our lives. Thank you, Prof M.K. Othman

Prof Rabiu Adamu

Well done for the good write-off sir,may Allah bless you, and mercy full to late Falaki for his good deed

Mustapha Abdulkadir

Well articulated write-up Allah Yawaita Mana irinku a cikin Al’umma Ya Gafartawa Prof Falaki, Ameen

Tijjani Kudingi

Prof, you should have mentioned Bauchi among the states that benefited from Falaki’s SG2000. I was the state coordinator when he arrived, and he was still mentoring me up to the time they killed him when I was then the Programme manager. Bauchi ADP Falaki secured admission for me to read agriculture at ABU and was equally my teacher in crop production, irrigation agronomy, and my project supervisor (BSc). Allah ka jikan Mallam.

Alhaji Iliyasu Aliyu Gital

As usual, an excellent write-up for our late mentor that I would have loved to be addressed to as farmers’ field marshal. I also benefited immensely from his pool of knowledge and wealth of experience. My profession as a Mechanization Specialist, where my concern was to introduce improved hand tools, animal traction, and motorized technology, Prof. May Allah forgive his shortcomings under Sasakawa Global 2000 instead taught me the zero-tillage technology and emphasized mechanized post-harvest technology with great concern for the soil. We went around in Kano, where I saw the wisdom of minimum or zero tillage. All I will add is that he was a pious Muslim by example and a martyr in Shaa Allah. You have said it all for us and our great farmers. Thanks so much for the masterpiece. May Allah reunite us in Jannatul Firdaus.

Engr Hassan Bawa

What a wonderful piece. Prof., your write-up is excellent but still an understatement of his achievement, especially within the MS’s brotherhood, where they provided spiritual mentoring and character building, which we cherish today when we have become senior citizens. I first met Prof. Falaki in 1980 at the Biannual Islamic Vocational Course with icons like Prof. Naiya Sada, Prof. Ibrahim Sulaiman of Centre of Islamic Legal Studies Kongo, Prof. Yadudu, and a host of other young Academics who served as mentors and guides for us to date. May Allah grant Prof Falaki Jannatul Firdaus. Kudos, Prof., for reminding us of such a rare and great personality. May Allah reward you, too.

Dr Zakari Ya’u Katsina

May Allah (SWT) forgive all his sins and grant him permission to be in Aljannatul Firdausi. May Prof. Falaki be among those exempted from the chastisement in the grave and punishment in Hellfire. May Allah (SWT) bring an end to the loss of innocent lives, kidnapping, raping, banditry, cattle rustling, terrorism, and all social vices. Amin

It was so painful when I heard the news. I enjoyed the little time I worked with him during Gifmis implementation in IAR. He was wonderful, kind-hearted, and so generous. May Almighty Allah console the family he left behind.

Hassan T. Suleiman, Abuja

Prof. Othman, thanks for remembering the attributes and legacy of a gallant soldier in the agricultural landscape of our dear country. May the gentle soul of our teacher, mentor, and helper, Prof. Falaki, continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of his creator.

Dr. Olabanji Gbenga 

Aameen Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, may He (Allah) continue to love, guide, bless, and protect you and his children. We need more personalities with a patriotic and kind heart like him to have peace, unity, and sustainable development.

Abdullahi Abubakar 

May Ajannah Firdausi be his final abode.

Yusuf Abdullahi Kakale