Re: Letter to NYSC DG on mobilising corps members to war

I was surprised to read one Hieber Ishaku, a student of Mass Communication who is supposed to communicate facts always, balancing the two sides to a story, being the one who gave himself to misrepresentation of facts in the Blueprint of June 6, in which he accused NYSC DG of mobilising corps members for battle.

The NYSC director general, Brig-General Shuaibu Ibrahim, did not, at any time, attempt to mobilise corps members to war front. And what war, may I ask? Fighting insurgents and bandits cannot be referred as war. Mr Ishaku had written his letter based on hearsay and falsehood on social media. He would have understood what DG said about corps members in a war situation. Let me explain what the DG said to his level of understanding:

The director-general had stated, “In line with the National Defence Policy, Corps Members are like soldiers on reserve, because their education, exposure and sophistication, can make them easily adaptable to military training.”

General Ibrahim’s statement does not imply that corps members are being mobilised to go to fight as soldiers in frontlines, and even made a refutal in this esteemed paper recently. A refutal from DG’s office reads in part, “Brig-Gen Ibrahim never at any point said that Corps Members are being mobilised to fight war. The Scheme shall continue to safeguard the interest of Corps Members at all times.”

I advise Mr Ishaku to understand a pronouncement before running to the press to avoid misrepresentation.

Ladi Dikko,

Suleja, Niger state