Ramatu, the worthy Jagaban ambassador

Many never thought February 25 would come so soon. No matter how long the projection might be, the D-Day has come and gone.

As expected in every political contest, there must be a winner and, of course, the rest are considered politically as losers.

Certainly the contest has not been an easy task to the eventual winner nor could those who lost out say it was a smooth battle.

In a political contest as this, the winner and his camp would be celebrating while those at the opposite end are crying foul. It is also normal and expected.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban Borgu, has been declared the winner and given the certificate of return as the 16th President of Nigeria come May 29, 2023.

The battle has been tough and tasking, but that is what made the February 25, 2023 very rewarding.

In every state there were those who did the leg work moving from city to villages and hamlets  selling the candidature of the Jagaban to the electorate.

Political juggernauts in each state put in their best to ensure the victory of the party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the presidential election.

And in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT,  there is one name that was synonymous with the Jagaban campaign. And that name is Dr Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, the current Minister of State for FCT.

Ramatu put everything she had – time, resources and political wizardry – to sell the candidature of Jagaban to the electorate. The rest, as they say, is history.

And, truthfully, Ramatu has been on the campaign train of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, digging deep both in FCT and neighbouring states including, of course, Kogi, her home state.

Who is this Ramatu? She is one of the few that have written their names in gold. She is a young woman in a hurry but resolute to write her own copy of history. 

She bows to the overpowering zeal to serve humanity. Ramatu is a native of Budon, a suburb of Lokoja, the Kogi state capital. 

She can conveniently say she has and is maneuvering through the corridors of power in Kogi, FCT and Nigeria with ease.

She is a workaholic and takes every assignment given to her head-on.

Her strength of character and no nonsense reputation for getting results, and her doggedness; this passionate political Princess of Kogi state, has proven that success is no respecter of gender but only favours hard work, tenacity and purpose.

This, she displayed in the race to the presidential election, as she almost single-handedly sponsored and supervised the APC campaign in the six Area Councils and the 62 wards that constitute the FCT.

Even in Kogi state, she played a major role when the Jagaban train landed in Lokoja.

In 2019, when she was sworn in as a minister, Ramatu shook hands again with destiny with her appointment as Minister of State, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Within the past three years and nine months, she has slowly but steadily blazed a trail of remarkable achievements.

As a serving minister, she has shown rare promise, indicating penetrating vision and a clear grasp of issues, enabling her discharge the various responsibilities of her office, despite teething challenges.

Success is not accidental, neither is it served a la carte; you have to go for it. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, the only thing that separates leaders from others, winners from losers, is their dedication and perseverance in bringing true change into anything they do.

It is in recognition of this reality that Ramatu embarked on a number of initiatives that are helping in boosting the standard of living of the people and propelled her in the campaign.

She has put in more than anyone else in her quest to sell Jagaban to the electorate in the FCT.

She put everything she has both in cash and in materials to ensure that Jagaban became a household name in the FCT. 

Going through the streets of Abuja down into the hinterlands of the FCT, the fingers of Ramatu are visible everywhere. The posters, billboards and fliers and town hall meetings in the villages were her doings.

Tirelessly, Ramatu soldiered on, initiated reforms and fortifying capacity, building measures that have yielded fruits.

Politicians are seldom known to think of tomorrow. It is statesmen who do so. She falls in the later group.

To underscore her commitment to serving the public good, she has weathered the political waters and is still in good standing. 

Ramatu has paid her dues, or will it be more appropriate to say she is paying her dues on the political turf. 

Indeed, with a new dawn on the horizon beckoning, Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu may be leaving an indelible footprint on the sands of time as an irrepressible Amazon of change and an astute administrator.

She has indeed paid her dues and the time for reward has come.

Abdul writes from Abuja via [email protected]