Ramadan: Foundation distributes food stuff, others to Abuja ‘s Kuchingoro IDP camp residents

In a heartwarming display of compassion and solidarity, Daurama Foundation successfully executed its Ramadan Relief as part of the “Daurama Foundation Support Initiative” programme on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at the New Kuchingoro IDP camp in Abuja.

This initiative marks another significant stride in the foundation’s ongoing commitment to providing essential support to vulnerable communities across Nigeria.

The Daurama Foundation, established by Samira Buhari, is committed to improving health
outcomes and championing the rights of women and girls across Nigeria through advocacy, comprehensive education, and active community engagement.

The foundation aims to tackle pressing
issues that affect the well-being and rights of girls and women in the communities.

Its programs aim to address domestic violence, improve neonatal health, and advocate for
menstrual health and hygjene. Empowering women and girls, fostering sustainable
development, and attaining equality heavily rely on these pivotal focus areas.

With a focus on alleviating the hardships faced by IDP camp residents, the foundation on Sunday distributed critical food items, including 5kg bags of rice, cooking oil, salt, spaghetti, and other
essential food items, alongside monetary donations, to 500 men and women.

These provisions were carefully selected to meet the immediate nutritional needs of the residents and ensure they have the necessary resources to sustain themselves and their families during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Reflecting on the initiative, Samira Buhari, Founder of the Daurama Foundation, said : “We are deeply moved by the opportunity to extend our support to the residents of the New Kuchingoro IDP camp.

“Providing these essential items ahead of Ramadan underscores our unwavering dedication to assisting those in need. Together, we can truly make a meaningful difference,” she said.

Mrs. Ladi Mathias, the Women Leader at the New Kuchingoro IDP camp, expressed her
gratitude, stating, “The generosity of the Daurama Foundation has brought great relief to our
community. This support means a lot to us as we prepare for Ramadan.”

The Chairman of the New Kuchingoro IDP camp, Mr. Emmanuel Philemon, also expressed his
gratitude, stating, “The generosity of the Daurama Foundation has brought immense relief to
our community. This support is invaluable as we prepare for the fasting month of Ramadan,
and we are profoundly grateful for their kindness.”

In addition to addressing immediate humanitarian needs, the Ramadan Relief Initiative aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG 2, 3 and 5; Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, and Gender Equality respectively.

By providing nutritious food items and financial assistance to vulnerable populations, the foundation contributes to efforts to eradicate hunger, improve heath outcomes, and empower women and girts in line with the global agenda for sustainable development.

Furthermore, the initiative serves as a testament to the foundation’s commitment to fostering
inclusive and resilient communities. By supporting IDP camp residents and promoting social cohesion, Daurama Foundation actively works towards building a more equitable and
compassionate society for all.

Beyond its immediate impact, the Ramadan Relief initiative serves as a poignant reminder of
the ongoing challenges faced by IDP camp residents in Abuja and beyond.

It is a call to action for media partners, stakeholders, and the wider community to join hands in supporting these vulnerable populations and fostering a brighter, more incdusive future for all. (NAN)