Rainy season:  Be cautious around electrical installations, IBEDC warns 


The newly appointed Acting Managing Director of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), Francis Agoha, Thursday tasked the company’s customers to be cautious around  electrical installations.

Speaking during a facility inspection of IBEDC installations, the acting MD declared that the safety of stakeholders remains paramount to the company.

Agoha stated that there is the need for IBEDC customers to be cautious  in view of the present raining season, saying ” as the rainy season descends, IBEDC appeals for caution around electrical installations as the period comes with the increased risk of electrical accidents.

“It’s crucial to take proactive steps to safeguard yourself and your property as the safety of our customers and stakeholders remains our topmost priority,” he said.

Agoha added, “The safety of our stakeholders is paramount. We are dedicated to providing a secure and dependable power supply while educating our communities on staying safe during the rainy season.”

 He noted that, “through vigilant maintenance, rapid emergency response, and continuous public outreach, we strive to minimise risks.”

Agoha charged all  IBEDC customers and stakeholders to avoid fallen power lines as heavy rains and storms can cause power lines to fall.

“Avoid any contact with these lines and immediately report such incidents to IBEDC’s emergency services,” he said.

He gave other simple precautions to follow such as, “Stay clear of flooded areas as flooded zones pose significant hazards, especially if electrical equipment is involved and refrain from walking through flooded streets or touching electrical fixtures.

“Inspect your surroundings and regularly check that your home or business’s electrical connections are secure and shielded from water.

“Look out for exposed wires or malfunctioning connections. Use protective gear: Wear rubber-soled shoes and avoid metal objects when outdoors during heavy rainfall to minimise the risk of electrical accidents,” he stated.