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Qualities of a woman: Could yours be like the Kim Kardashian’s?

It’s no news that most men desperately want a Kim Kardashian in the life or bed and are ready to pay whatever it could cost and there are fi ve reasons these men want her so bad Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on planet earth and she rules the entertainment industry by just looking good all the time. So, to get such a woman under your wings (like Kanye West), its means you are strong lover of some certain qualities in a woman.
Here are fi ve of such qualities below:
1.) You’re a big booty/boobs lover Kim is blessed with dangerous curves which often times leave men wishing they could have her, even for a single night. Her body gives men wet dreams. She definitely knows what she has, so she uses nude selfi es and naked cover shoots to bully men around the world.
2.) You want sex with a “bad girl” For a woman who has a sex tape, that’s bad enough but it weird that some men still want her care less if another fellow man banged her for the entire world to see. She is a “bad bitch” and hasn’t stopped posting her nakedness on social media… after all you guys have seen it all.
3.) You love rich, beautiful and famous women Kim Kardashian is one of the richest reality TV stars in the world with a net worth of nearly 70-80 million dollars. Damn! Which man wouldn’t want this kind of chick as his own! And yes, she gives expensive gifts too!
4.) You’re a social media freak Wanting a Kim Kardashian as and means you totally in love with social media. A can’t pass without you on it for whatever reason. And if it could be added, you love seeing your fantasy lady flaunting what she’s got in your face for free!
5.) You like a challenge Being as rich, famous and sexy as Kim means she could be very hard to get especially by men beneath her status. Well, you can defi nitely challenge yourself that you can a get a woman as powerful as her. Some men could even bet money to go after a Kim K! But it’s unclear if they can actually get her!

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