Portray Nigeria in good light, Hajj Reporters urge pilgrims 

 As the airlift of pilgrims for this year’s hajj pilgrimage enters into its final stage, Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR), has called on the Nigerian delegation to Hajj 2024 to portray the country in good light through their conducts and utterances.

 IHR said both pilgrims and officials travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hajj should know that whatever they do will reflect on how the international community perceives Nigeria and its citizens.

 “Every pilgrim or official is an ambassador of the country and our dear religion of Islam. They must therefore, exhibit a high degree of decorum and patriotism while observing the hajj rites and staying in the Holy Land,” IHR said in a statement Sunday.  

The statement signed by its national coordinator, Ibrahim Mohammed called on officials to know that their duty transcends everyday civic responsibility because they are serving the guests of Ar Rahman, adding that anything they do with the fear of God will be highly rewarded by the almighty.

“While we acknowledge that officials deserve commensurate pay in line with Public Service Rules, public servants working during hajj operations should focus more on getting high rewards which cannot be quantified.

“To the pilgrims, we urge you to know that you have left your homes to travel for hajj as enjoined by Allah SWT. Therefore, your focus should be solely devoted to your mission of achieving Hajj Mabroor, the reward of which is Aljalnah Firdausi.

 “Know that the hajj journey is not about enjoyment, in as much as you pay for services and expect to be served, therefore, where services are not according to your expectations, consider such as part of the trials of undertaking the hajj. Do not allow challenges to make you miss your mission,” IHR said.

The CSO also urged all service providers to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations without cutting corners. Nigerian pilgrims paid for all services inclusive of service charges to ensure that they are comfortable while fulfilling their religious obligations in the holy land.