Popular Pastor labels Beyoncé ‘witch’

Popular American pastor, Tiphani Montgomery, has described pop star Beyoncé as a “witch” and her fans as a “coven.”

The Houston-based priest, who also speaks and writes about entrepreneurship and wealth, had since been criticised for her comments.

In a message titled “Altered at the Altar,” she warned Christians not to attend Beyoncé concerts.

“I rebuke you in the name of Jesus; how dare you call yourself a Christian, I don’t care what pastor you got who’s okay with it. I don’t care what pastor you got that think it’s cool. I don’t care what pastor you got that sing along to the songs because they want some clout.

“When a witch has a coven, it’s normally a small thing. Witch’s covens are normally three to seven people, When it becomes thousands, it’s called a hive. Y’all a part of that lady Beyhive? And you call yourself a Christian? May the dealings of the Lord come upon you,” he said.


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