Popular emir proposes fishing festivals to boost the emirate’s economy 

The Emir of Bade in Bade Emirate in Yobe State, Alhaji Abubakar Umar Suleiman, has proposed the introduction of fishing festivals to bolster the emirate’s economy, leveraging its prominence in the fishing industry. 

Suleiman, who spoke in an interview on Thursday, said the festivals would help to project the image of the emirate and boost the economic activities of his people.

He emphasised the importance of unity, trustworthiness, and respect for religious and ethnic diversity in fostering communal development and harmony.

Praising the Yobe State Governor,  Mai Mala Buni, for his exemplary leadership, the emir called upon the people of Bade to rally behind the governor’s vision for progress and development in the emirate and across Yobe State. 

He lauded the governor’s efforts in delivering tangible benefits to both the privileged and the less fortunate, urging continued support for his administration’s initiatives.

Extending guidance to the youth, the emir urged them to shun vices like hard drugs and embrace their roles as proud ambassadors of the emirate, while also advocating parental responsibility in providing both Islamic and Western education to nurture a responsible society.

The emir also called upon religious leaders to uphold moral values and serve as beacons of integrity, facilitating the realization of a prosperous community and effective governance.

Expressing gratitude to distinguished leaders like former Senate President Ahmed Lawan for their contributions to the emirate’s development, the emir commended the unwavering support of his subjects, particularly the privileged and the affluent, for their steadfast commitment to the emirate’s progress.