Police summon Mr Ibu’s son, adopted daughter

The police in Lagos have invited Chioma Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of Nollywood comic actor, Mr Ibu, amid claims she withdrew N300 million from the ailing actor’s donation account.

In a recent Instagram post, actress Doris Ogala alleged that Stella Maris, Mr. Ibu’s wife, ordered the arrest of Jasmine and the actor’s sons.

Ogala said Stella accused Jasmine of withdrawing N300 million from Mr. Ibu’s donation account. She said Stella claimed the money was taken out of the account so that the family would not buy her the new house she requested.

“Jasmine and Ibu’s sons were arrested at Alagbon police station. They are detained there. Ibu’s wife alleged that Jasmine moved N300 million out of the account. Ibu’s wife allegedly wanted them to buy her a new house from the money contributed so far for Ibu’s treatments. That was why she arrested Jasmine but investigation states that the money contributed so is not even up to N300 million.

“Ibu’s wife is demanding a house, saying that her house is leaking water and that they should get her a new house from the money people contributed for Ibu’s treatment. They transferred a total of N2.5 million to her account for upkeep from the money.

“My question is why did Mr Ibu take his second son to the bank and make him a signatory if the wife has been as good as she claimed? Why didn’t Ibu make the wife signatory to his account?

“So many things are not adding up. There’s more to this,” she wrote.

Confirming the development, Aminat Mayegun, the police spokesperson at the Lagos FCID annexe, said the individuals in question are currently at Alagbon.

“Yes. The matter is with us here at Alagbon. The police are trying their possible best to charge them in court but the family are pleading with the police to make a settlement. The matter is still under investigation,” she said.

Okafor had previously sought public assistance due to a medical emergency, which he has been getting financial donations. He has been gradually recovering from multiple surgeries and with one of his legs amputated.

Stella had recently claimed Jasmine hijacked the funds donated for his surgery.