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Please , those of you that have Andriod smart phones must know this

An Andriod chips and its Battery(cell ) when on can explode like a Bomb. A big bomb like a military granade that can explode to harm you or harm persons, destroy cars, or any valuable things within a radius of 2meters from the phone.


When does Andriod Explosion occur ?

1) When the Cell is over charged for too long , expansion begins.If you overchage all too often, Expansion will one day reach a critical point, but you may not know when this maximum has been reached. At which , it explodes and kills you and those around you at d=4m.

2) Explosion occurs spontaneously , immediately an Andriod cell smells Petroleum fumes or Cooking gas fumes.
These fumes do have the same electrical chargers similar to the electric charges in the Andriod cells . And you know what that means in magnetism.
Nelkon Physics book told us in class three Secondary that Equal poles (p+ and q+) repel or explode.


1) Avoid going to a Petrol station with your Smart phone on.
Put your phone off, switch it off, make sure it is not on before you enter a gas station
2)) Do not sit in a Kitchen with your Smart phone, when cooking is being done with a gas cylinder.
Danger !!!
Both the cylinder and Andriod battery may explode simultan…
Please pass this info to friends, save lives.

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