Plea to Bauchi state governor

Dear Governor Bala Mohammed, I wish to bring to your notice the serious situation of Misau new cemetery for your consideration.

Sir, the cemetery has been suffering from serious setbacks for almost one year, which I believe you are not aware of.

First sir, the cemetery is in dire need of manpower as there are no adequate of woods, diggers, hoes and other materials. The place is in the hands of a few people that are willing and capable of taking care of the entire graveyard.

Sir, these volunteer workers need to be absorbed into civil service across the all graveyards of the state due to their hardwork and dedication in serving humanity.

Besides sir, the cemetery is also suffering from lack of parimeter fencing and internal security due to the graveyard’s management’s inability to pay. This is beginning to give rise to flooding as well as a grazing field for cows.

After a series of investigation, hundreds of graves, where we visited and assessed, have collapsed.

Sir, due the insecurity in Misau, our old graveyard is very disturbing, as Kwarawa gang in Misau have converted the graveyard to their hiding place since they are aware that nobody will dare chase them to the graveyards.

Your Excellency, helping the poor is said to be a great wealth. So, being a considerate governor, I appeal to you sir to wipe off our tears by resuscitating our comatose graveyard. We are calling on the government to intervene and save us from an impending epidemic.

Inuwa Muhammad Goje,
Misau local government area,
Bauchi state.