Plateau: Time to sand the Zionists packing

On the night of Friday, April 19, 2024, sat to watch national news, which I rarely do these days. Of course, I sometimes sit and watch.

The first item I saw was a report of more killings in Plateau state. Plateau state is one of the two states in Northern Nigeria with a majority Christian population. That didn’t mean anything before. Jos, the capital of Plateau state, had made a name of being a very peaceful town; a town you would visit and enjoy. The atmosphere was lovely, the city was peaceful with lots of tourist attractions in its surroundings.

This made Jos suitable for situating the premier elitist National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, an institute attended only by a select few among the policy makers of Nigeria.

That is not all. The same Jos had been selected by different generations of politicians to host their party conventions which can only take place in a peaceful atmosphere. As far back as December 1952, the NCNC (National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons) held its convention in Jos. 41 years later, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) also had its historic convention in Jos, a convention that resulted in the election of Chief MKO Abiola as its flag-bearer. No wonder, the motto of Plateau state has been home of peace and tourism.

All that was before the arrival of Zionists in the 1990s. The Zionists, who do not believe in Jesus as a messenger, a son of God or even a man of God, had convinced the ignorant among Nigerian Christians that they were their brothers. Nigerian Christians thus mounted a very high pressure on Babangida administration to bring back the Zionists who were expelled from Nigeria in 1973. Of course, even before 1973 Nigerians never wanted them. Their presence was imposed on us by the British.

Some of the slogans used by the Christian clergy included, “It is antichristian to antagonise Israel”, “Israelis are our brothers”, “Nigeria stands to benefit from diplomatic relations with Israel”. Ibrahim Babangida yielded and restored diplomatic relations with Israel in September 1992. That single act turned out to be the greatest mistake any Nigerian leader will make since gaining the flag independence from the British.

As soon as they settled down, the Israeli began to implement their scheme. They started issuing visas to Nigerian Christians to go for annual “pilgrimage” like Muslims do. However, unlike Muslims who go to Saudi Arabia to worship, the Christian pilgrimage was purely a tourist visit with no defined acts of worship.

If it were just about tourism the problem would have been less. In fact, there wouldn’t have been any problem at all. However, Since the Christian pilgrimage started peace eluded Northern Nigeria. The city of Jos that attracted Nigerians and their guests has since become a ghost of itself. Nobody wanted to visit Jos anymore. Youth corpers posted to Jos desperately seek relocation. Travellers from Abuja to Bauchi and back now go through Kano to avoid being intercepted and murdered in Jos.

The Zionist connection was exposed on the floor of the House of Representatives by the immediate-past Deputy Speaker, Alhaji Ahmad Wase. In a widely circulated video, Alhaji Wase told the house how 300 people were sponsored for illegal military training in Israel. In addition, he said four containers of arms were brought into Plateau state from Israel. Alhaji Wase told the house that he was ready to prove it with necessary documents including a committee report. Typical of Nigeria, no one bothered to follow it up.

Alhaji Wase was only speaking about Plateau state. Who knows how much of military training the Zionists gave militant groups like Boko Haram, bandits, ESN and the like operating in various parts of the country? And who knows how many more containers of firearms were brought in from Israel for their trainees?

As if that is not enough, after committing all these atrocities the Zionists told the United Nations that, “Over the past decade, 50,000 Christians in Nigeria have been butchered and hacked to death”. This statement made by the Zionists ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan in January this year was broadcast by major media houses with some Nigeria’s ignorant Christians hailing it.

We expect the federal government to call Israeli ambassador to show evidence of 50,000 Nigerian Christians murdered by Muslims. Of course, we expect details since the enemies of Nigeria seem to have more information than our federal government. I would like to hope that the Zionists would also be made to account for all the atrocities they have been committing in form of training of criminals and supply of logistics to same.

If the federal government allows the Zionists to continue with their business as usual, the rest of us would have no option than to believe that the war against insurgency is only a deceptive camouflage to divert the attention of Nigerians from their actual problem that the Zionists are. Billions of naira of taxpayers’ money is being budgeted every year to fight insecurity when the actual enemy is left untouched.

There is no need to continue to maintain a worthless diplomatic relationship that has only helped to sow the seed of discord among Nigerians, a relationship that keeps claiming more lives and property of Nigerians. With the genocide in the Middle East, Nigerian Christians have since found another location for their annual pilgrimage. So, no Nigerian needs Israel for anything anymore.

Mr. President, our diplomatic relations with Israel should not only be ended but investigated.

Israeli must leave Nigeria now!

Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia writes from Zaria, Kaduna state